2012-08-17 Paolo DonadeoAdded some documentation, tag RC1 v1.0-rc1
2012-08-15 Paolo DonadeoThe Lua Auxiliary Library binding is complete
2012-08-15 Paolo DonadeoMode debug printf in a couple of stub functions
2012-08-09 Paolo DonadeoAdded binding for 3 Lua Aux functions:
2012-08-09 Paolo DonadeoFixed signature of Lua_api_lib.newtable, was totally...
2012-08-08 Paolo Donadeo20 Lua Aux functions added:
2012-08-06 Paolo Donadeo3 Lua Aux functions added:
2012-07-04 Paolo DonadeoAdded binding to luaL_checknumber
2012-06-06 Paolo Donadeo2 Lua Aux functions added:
2012-06-05 Paolo DonadeoInterface of tolstring and tostring changed: now return...
2012-06-04 Paolo Donadeo12 Lua Aux functions added (12 UNTESTED):
2012-06-03 Paolo DonadeoMerge branch 'origin/master'
2012-06-03 Paolo DonadeoPlaceholder type "alloc" removed from the API
2012-06-03 Paolo DonadeoMemory tests rewritten
2012-06-03 Paolo DonadeoSkeleton examples added by Sylvain Le Gall
2012-06-03 Paolo DonadeoBuild system updated to Oasis v0.3.0~rc6
2012-05-25 Sylvain Le... Update for oasis 0.3 and add examples
2011-08-28 Paolo DonadeoAdded "binding" to lua_cpcall. The basic API is now...
2011-08-27 Paolo DonadeoBinding of lua_newuserdata completed and tested
2011-08-27 Paolo DonadeoAdded diagram of the memory layout after a Lua state...
2011-08-20 Paolo DonadeoSource code refactored
2011-04-09 Paolo DonadeoBefore OCaml Meeting 2011
2011-01-23 Paolo Donadeo[WIP] Incomplete support for userdata
2011-01-15 Paolo DonadeoBinding of lua_dump and lua_load added
2011-01-09 Paolo DonadeoAllocation (custom_alloc function) synchronized with...
2011-01-09 Paolo DonadeoBetter documentation for Lua.newthread
2011-01-07 Paolo DonadeoThreads (coroutines) manupulation functions added:
2011-01-04 Paolo DonadeoFixed signature of LuaL.loadbuffer and added LuaL.loadfile
2011-01-04 Paolo Donadeo6 Lua functions added, 3 signature fixed:
2011-01-02 Paolo Donadeo[BUGFIX] Segfault removed, along with the ugly ref...
2011-01-02 Paolo DonadeoBuild system updated to OASIS 0.2
2011-01-02 Paolo DonadeoMerge branch 'origin/master' into ocamlcore/segfault_hu...
2010-09-13 Sylvain Le... Tune C includes and library name, to compile on Arch...
2010-09-09 Paolo DonadeoSolution based on reference counting
2010-09-06 Paolo DonadeoThis commit summons an horrible Segmentation Fault
2010-09-06 Sylvain Le... Update the OASIS build system
2010-09-04 Paolo DonadeoRe-indented following Caml Programming guidelines
2010-09-03 Paolo DonadeoBinding to lua_tocfunction completed
2010-09-01 Paolo Donadeo19 Lua functions added (1 to be completed):
2010-08-10 Paolo DonadeoMerge branch 'origin/gildor-oasis'
2010-08-10 Paolo Donadeo7 Lua functions added:
2010-08-10 Sylvain Le... Ignore generated documentation gildor-oasis
2010-08-10 Sylvain Le... Add _oasis file and the generated build system
2010-07-25 Paolo DonadeoAdded binding for lua_pushcfunction (plus the alias...
2010-07-24 Paolo DonadeoAdded binding to lua_pushboolean
2010-07-19 Paolo DonadeoMerge branch 'ocamlcore/master'
2010-07-19 Paolo Donadeo5 Lua functions added:
2010-07-19 Sylvain Le... Introduce more hope in the README
2010-07-19 Paolo DonadeoAdded binding to 13 Lua functions:
2010-07-18 Paolo DonadeoBug in a C macro
2010-07-17 Paolo DonadeoAdded many functions to the binding:
2010-07-13 Paolo DonadeoSource tree rearranged
2010-07-13 Paolo DonadeoGlobal vars removed, the library is thread safe
2010-07-12 Paolo DonadeoThe handling of panic functions (lua_atpanic) rewritten...
2010-07-07 Paolo DonadeoREADME renamed :-/
2010-07-07 Paolo DonadeoAdded README for GitHub
2010-07-07 Paolo DonadeoAdded binding to lua_checkstack
2009-02-01 Paolo DonadeoDocumentation hastily sketched
2009-02-01 Paolo DonadeoLibrary files splitted into modules
2009-01-15 Paolo DonadeoTest case modified. Thanks to Luca Pascali
2009-01-14 Paolo Donadeolua_atpanic binding works!
2009-01-11 Paolo DonadeoExceptionless version functions raising exceptions...
2009-01-11 Paolo DonadeoC example removed
2009-01-11 Paolo DonadeoFirst simple example completely translated into OCaml
2009-01-11 Paolo DonadeoBinding to a simple example found in Programming in...
2009-01-10 Paolo DonadeoFirst commit