descriptionLua bindings for OCaml
ownerSylvain Le Gall
last changeTue, 3 Sep 2013 21:25:19 +0000 (23:25 +0200)
2013-09-03 Paolo DonadeoMicro release for package to compile in an OPAM environ... master v1.2
2013-07-27 Paolo DonadeoRepository files for OPAM v1.1
2013-07-27 Paolo DonadeoFixes of OASIS conf. for deploy ver 1.1
2013-07-26 Paolo DonadeoFix in the docs: now it includes references to LuaJIT
2013-07-26 Paolo DonadeoTypo in docs
2013-07-25 Paolo Donadeo[ISSUE #4] Implemented max memory limit available for...
2013-06-09 Paolo Donadeo[ISSUE #3] The package configure itself to find the...
2013-02-11 Paolo DonadeoMerge branch 'luajit'
2012-12-27 Paolo DonadeoOASIS option stub_debug renamed into stubdebug for...
2012-12-27 Paolo DonadeoThread guard function added in case of link with LuaJIT...
2012-12-02 Paolo Donadeo[ISSUE #2] Random segfault due to wrong module init...
2012-11-28 Paolo DonadeoUnused variable removed
2012-11-28 Paolo DonadeoSupport for linking with LuaJIT
2012-08-31 Paolo DonadeoDocumentation improved v1.0
2012-08-25 Paolo DonadeoNew style.css added for documentation. Thanks to Daniel...
2012-08-25 Paolo DonadeoLua state value renamed from 'l' to 'ls' to avoid confu...
5 years ago v1.2
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6 years ago v1.0
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5 years ago master
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