2017-10-30 Jacques Garriguefinish transition for applications master
2017-10-30 Jacques Garrigueupdate docs for 2.18.6
2017-09-19 Jacques Garrigueand add labels to Bytes.sub_string
2017-09-19 Jacques Garrigueprepare for 4.06 and -safe-string
2016-08-10 Jacques Garrigueprepare for 2.18.5
2016-08-10 Jacques Garrigueupdate for 4.04
2016-08-02 Jacques Garrigueadd -fno-unwind-tables where allowed
2016-08-02 Jacques GarrigueFix bug #1654: add CAMLparam before CAMLlocal
2016-04-27 Jacques Garrigueprepare 2.18.4
2016-04-26 Jacques GarrigueFix ml types too
2016-04-11 Jacques GarrigueFix ml_gnome_canvas_c2w
2016-03-08 Jacques Garriguedo not erase camlp4 outputs
2016-03-08 Jacques Garrigueonly warn if no camlp4o is available
2016-03-06 Jacques Garrigueallow to change the GC speed
2016-03-06 Jacques Garrigueremove dependency on camlp4
2016-03-05 Jacques Garrigueuse own definition of alloc_custom (cf. ocaml PR#7162)
2015-12-04 Jacques Garriguerevert use of $(XO) in lablgtk.odoc (12 years after...)
2015-12-04 Jacques Garrigueuse online links in doc
2015-04-16 Jacques Garriguefix GtkTree.TreeModel.cast
2015-02-06 Jacques Garrigueadd get_image and get_pixbuf to GDraw.drawable
2014-10-29 Jacques Garrigueprepare for 2.18.3
2014-10-06 Jacques Garrigueadd Gdk.Window.create_foreign and set_transient_for...
2014-09-20 Jacques Garriguereplace XID by GdkNativeWindow where required
2014-09-20 Jacques GarrigueFix PR#1425, use Make_Val_option
2014-09-18 Jacques Garrigueupdate applications/browser for 4.02 and prepare release
2014-09-17 Jacques Garrigueadd log message
2014-09-17 Jacques GarrigueRevert "GtkSignal.connect_property: don't fetch the...
2014-08-22 Jacques Garrigue * Make GObj.misc_ops#add_accelerator polymorphic...
2014-08-22 Jacques GarrigueMake Float_val an alias for Double_val
2013-12-31 Jacques GarrigueFix GtkTree.IconView.get_path_at_pos
2013-12-06 Jacques GarrigueMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2013-12-06 Jacques Garrigueprincipal
2013-12-06 Jacques GarrigueMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://forge.ocamlcore...
2013-12-06 Jacques Garriguelog
2013-12-06 Jacques Garriguelog
2013-12-06 Jacques Garrigueadd gtksourceview2 to windows binaries
2013-10-01 Jacques Garrigueprepare release + update applications
2013-10-01 Jacques Garriguefor windows
2013-10-01 Jacques GarrigueMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://forge.ocamlcore...
2013-10-01 Jacques Garrigueon windows
2013-10-01 Jacques Garriguedocument changes
2013-09-17 Jacques GarriguePrepare for release of 2.18.0:
2013-09-17 Jacques Garrigueforgotten HORIZONTAL_PAGS tag
2013-08-20 Jacques GarrigueMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2013-07-29 Pierre-Marie... Typo in failure exception.
2013-07-29 Pierre-Marie... Missing tag in GtkMovementStep.
2013-05-04 Jacques GarrigueRevert "Make Gobject.obj injective"
2013-05-04 Jacques GarrigueMake Gobject.obj injective
2013-02-19 Jacques Garriguefix compatibility with ocaml 4.01
2012-11-30 Pierre-Marie... Fixed a segmentation fault due to a bad C cast.
2012-08-26 Pierre-Marie... Missing handling of new modifiers
2012-08-26 Jacques Garriguecheck for compatibility of ocamlfind
2012-08-26 Jacques Garriguesupport DESTDIR with findlib-install
2012-08-26 Jacques Garriguedetect findlib in configure
2012-08-26 Jacques Garrigueold-install installs META + cleanup of Makefile
2012-08-26 Jacques GarrigueDESTDIR doesn't work for findlib installation
2012-08-23 Adrien NaderGtkSignal.connect_property: don't fetch the property...
2012-08-23 Jacques Garriguewrong addition
2012-08-23 Jacques Garriguechange path
2012-08-23 Jacques Garriguehow to link
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueexplain how to override a variable
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueexplain how to add Gtk to path
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueremove dead code
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueupdate compilation instructions
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueupdate log
2012-08-23 Jacques GarrigueMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueforce recompilation of some files
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueprepare windows version
2012-08-23 Jacques Garrigueexplain changes in threads
2012-08-21 Jacques Garrigueadd LABLGTK_BUSY_WAIT for VM threads
2012-08-20 Adrien NaderREADME: change reference to "lablgtk2.init" into "lablg...
2012-08-20 Adrien NaderREADME, examples/text/Makefile: prefer going through...
2012-08-20 Adrien Nader.gitignore: ignore *~ and *.sw[po] files.
2012-08-20 Adrien Naderexamples/*.ml: build commands should use -I ../src...
2012-08-18 Benjamin MonateFixed uninstall target when lablgladecc2 is not compiled
2012-08-18 Benjamin MonateMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://forge.ocamlcore...
2012-08-18 Benjamin MonateFixed spurious ^M from findlib in lablgtk2 with mingw
2012-08-18 Adrien NaderMETA: rename the "init" subpackage "auto-init".
2012-08-17 Jacques Garrigueavoid busy waiting by using g_main_context_set_poll_func
2012-08-17 Jacques Garriguecompile $(THINITOBJS)
2012-08-17 Jacques Garriguesupport threaded toplevel for Quartz + lablgtk2 script...
2012-08-17 Jacques Garrigueupdate README
2012-08-16 Jacques Garrigueupdate applications
2012-08-16 Jacques Garriguecomment Pierre-Marie's commits
2012-07-26 Pierre-Marie... Fixing memory management in custom objects and adding...
2012-07-25 Pierre-Marie... Added Gtk 2.10 missing key modifiers
2012-07-25 Pierre-Marie... Fixing GtkAccel.change_entry
2012-07-25 Pierre-Marie... Adding cast and assignation functions to GText.nocopy_iter.
2012-07-25 Pierre-Marie... Some functions added by Pierre Boutillier.
2012-07-25 Pierre-Marie... Sourceview: Fixing source completion provider, that...
2012-07-24 Jacques GarriguePreparing for release
2012-06-25 Benjamin MonateDetect ranlib used by OCaml
2012-06-25 Benjamin MonateRecovering path with a Win32 findlib
2012-06-25 Jacques Garrigueremove obsolete gtk.props (9 years later!)
2012-06-20 Adrien NaderGToolbox: keyboard shortcuts: change shortcut_specifica...
2012-06-19 Adrien NaderGToolbox: add a high-level API to create keyboard short...
2012-06-13 Adrien NaderMerge branch 'adrien/api-additions'
2012-06-12 Adrien NaderMerge commit 'c2cbfb2d'
2012-06-12 Adrien NaderAdd changelog entries for the adrien/api-additions...
2012-06-12 Adrien NaderRevert Notebook's switch_page API to one without the...