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Here is a list of proposals. Some of them are only examples based on administrators/mentors ideas, they are marked as draft. Student are encouraged to submit their own proposal, in their own words or to pick one the mentor draft (and remove that sign).

The rules of thumb for proposal are the following:

  • add a feature to an existing project
  • discuss with upstream author of the project, the best case is that it becomes your mentor
  • if there is no mentor for project you target, ask the upstream to join us
  • if you want to submit your own proposal, pick one proposal and copy it (e.g. GSoC2011/Ocsigen/OAR)

People who have expressed interest in becoming mentors are listed on the main page. Before applying, please discuss your project on the main OCaml list or on the gsoc-team-discussion and read our application template. In case you do not find a mentor or for any other question, you can reach the OCaml GSoC administrators at "gsoc-team-admin @spam@ ocamlcore.org".





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