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This is a draft proposal, if you want to apply remove this sentence and write your name in the field Student.


  • Mentor: find a mentor
  • Student: write your name here
  • Summary: A lightweight extension of stdlib and OCaml language for Unicode handling
  • Required skills:
    • OCaml programming
    • Functional programming
    • Knowledge of data structure is a big plus. Knowledge of Unicode is not required.


This project aims to create a lightweight extension of stdlib and OCaml language which will be a foundation of Unicode adaption in OCaml. For this aim, we design and implement

  • a lightweight, efficient, possibly purely functional extension of stdlib, which contains
    • modules for Unicode characters and strings,
    • a module for character encoding, which supplies basic encodings such as UTF-8 and provides a mechanism to register user defined encodings,
    • I/O and others,
  • OCaml language extension which provides
    • unicode character and string literals,
    • unicode comments,
    • ability to parse source files which are encoded by non latin-1 encoding such as UTF-8.