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  • Mentor: find a mentor
  • Student: write your name here
  • Summary: Build a graphical environment for liquidsoap
  • Required skills:


Liquidsoap is a multimedia streaming toolkit. It provides users with a rich scripting language for building streaming systems. The goal of this project will be to complement this language interface with a more graphical one, which will make it much easier for people to get started and understand liquidsoap.

The first goal will be to design an user-friendly interface for graphically composing a script. It should be able to produce well-typed textual scripts, and may offer more or less possibilities (for example, regarding the composition of transition functions).

In the second phase, this system will have to be more tightly integrated with liquidsoap. By communicating with the liquidsoap runtime, or directly embedding it, the graphical environment should make it possible to run the composed system. The dynamic modification of the system will be considered -- it should be less problematic than through a language interface. Finally, it would be very useful to display graphically what's going on in the streaming system, see who's ready, who's active, etc.

The choice of the programming language and GUI library will depend on the student's expertise, and may or may not be in OCaml, although the second phase will definitely require OCaml knowledge.