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This is a draft proposal, if you want to apply remove this sentence and write your name in the field Student.'


  • Mentor: William Le Ferrand
  • Student: write your name here
  • Summary: Visualize code structure with Ocsigen in Amanar
  • Required skills:


Amanar is a continuous integration server written in OCaml. Installed as a post-commit hook, it performs tests on a repository and it pushes the changes on a (test or production) server. It only has support for OCaml/Ocsigen projects for the moment, but other stacks are in the roadmap.

Amanar has to report errors in an efficient manner. We'd like to reuse pfff's codemap manner of presenting the code : [1]

The mission, should you decide to accept it, is :

  • to write an eliom app displaying a repository, allowing navigation
  • to setup a mechanism to display, for each file, messages reported by amanar's modules (especially the build module)