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This is a draft proposal, if you want to apply remove this sentence and write your name in the field Student.


  • Mentor: find a mentor
  • Student: write your name here
  • Summary: Deploy Ocsigen application using OASIS
  • Required skills:
    • Ocsigen
    • OASIS
    • WAR format for Tomcat is a plus
    • camlzip or any compression method


Ocsigen requires to rebuild all hosted applications whenever it is upgrade to a new version (either ocsigen itself or one of its dependencies). It makes quite hard to maintain a server with several ocsigen applications.

This project aims at using OASIS with Ocsigen. OASIS can describe build dependencies and provides a standard build process (e.g. ocaml setup.ml -configure && ocaml setup.ml -build). These features can be used to create an Ocsigen subsystem that will take care of gathering build dependencies and trigger rebuild of application hosted.

In this model, the source of an application is delivered in a zip file (foo.oar) containing an _oasis file and setup.ml. The server ensure that he can met build dependencies and report success or failure of the build.