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This is a draft proposal, if you want to apply remove this sentence and write your name in the field Student.


  • Mentor: Edgar Friendly
  • Student: write your name here
  • Summary: Identify missing functionality in Batteries (merging what is appropriate)
  • Required skills:
    • OCaml library programming
    • Ability to research and compare stdlibs
    • Optional: ability to write camlp4 extensions


The Batteries Included project extends the OCaml core standard library with a number of extensions. Many extensions to the OCaml standard library have been written over the years, including Jane Street Core, the OCaml CDK, extlib, cf_lib and more. In addition, other programming languages have a "batteries included" standard library, including Java, .Net and Python. The goal is to survey these sources of commonly needed functionality and discover features that Batteries should include, creating a large comparison matrix of libraries and features. The seed for this matrix is at our github wiki.