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Caml Foreign is a Caml library to access C and C++ functions without writing C wrapping code. Instead, you write OCaml wrapping code. There is some functionality to cope with C++ classes : dynamic casting, constructors, destructors, methods.

At the moment it is Linux-only, gcc-only, and experimental. It is lightly tested. Also, it is mostly undocumented.

Get the code using darcs :

 darcs get https://forge.ocamlcore.org/anonscm/darcs/caml-foreign/caml-foreign

You can send patches using

darcs send
# (sends to caml-foreign-devel@lists.forge.ocamlcore.org by default)

The build system uses Oasis. In order to build and test the library, you need libffi-dev and oasis installed. In order to build from a darcs checkout, do:

 oasis setup-dev
 ocaml setup.ml -configure
 ocaml setup.ml -build
 ocaml setup.ml -test

Caml-foreign is based on libffi.


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