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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.18.0

Release Notes

A new version of the Lablgtk interface following the release of OCaml 4.01

Change Log

2013.10.01 [Jacques]
  * prepare release
  * update applications for 4.01
  * various fixes in windows port

2013.9.17 [Jacques]
  * add some GTK enumerations and update stock icon list
  * add properties GtkTreeView.enable_{tree,grid}_lines
  * add properties GtkEntry.{primary,secondary}_icon_{stock,name,pixbuf},
    see examples/entry2.ml for usage

2013.7.29 [Pierre-Marie]
  * add tags in GtkMovementStep

2013.2.19 [Jacques]
  * fix compatibility with ocaml 4.01 (?lab for non-optional arguments)

2012.08.26 [Pierre-Marie]
  * add handling of new modifiers

2012.08.26 [Jacques]
  * detect findlib during configuration
  * support DESTDIR with findlib-install

2012.08.26 [Jacques]
  * indicate that only old-install supports DESTDIR
  * have old-install copy the META file too
  * cleanup the two phases of findlib-install