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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.09.0

Change Log

* [Date] add Date.to_business and Date.from_business (Richard Jone's suggestion)
* [Date] add the optional parameter ?month to Date.days_in_year (Richard Jones' suggestion)
* [Date] add Date.nth_weekday_of_month (Richard Jones' suggestion)
* [Date] Date: add some Christian dates (Richard Jones' suggestion)
* [Date] add Date.Period.ymd and Calendar.Period.ymds
* [Printer] add the format string %i corresponding to the ISO-8601 notation
* [Printer] ISO-8601 notation is now the default format
* add [equal] in all the modules
* [Calendar.Period] bug fixed with negative period
* [Calendar] bug fixed in Calendar.to/from_unixfloat and Date.to/from_unixfloat
* [Date] bug fixed in Date.weeks_in_year