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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.0

Release Notes

New LaTeX commands have been added, the melt tool binary has been renamed as melt-build, and some bugs have been fixed.

Change Log

- Support for bytecode architectures.
- Fix detection of native dynlink.

Melt tool:
* The tool is now called melt-build instead of melt, to have the same name
  than in the Debian package.
- Added -native option.
- Bytecode compilation is now the default behavior. It is slower to execute
  bytecode, but much faster to compile.
- Fixed a bug where files would be left in the temporary directory.

Latex library:
- Added LaTeX commands: rule, llparenthesis, overline, ignorespaces.
- Better pretty-printing of [par] and [newpage].
- Added support for the optional argument (vertical alignment) of arrays.
- Support for the optional argument of parbox and minipage + doc minipage.
- Added size options to makebox and parbox + added raisebox command.
- ~short argument on chapter, section, subsection, subsubsection
- Primed versions of section, subsection and other such commands are now
  available. They correspond to the starred version of the LaTeX command.
- Added list_insert function.
- Introduce a new kind of (low-level) array line: array_command.
- Fix handling mode of the argument in multicolumn.

Melt library:
- Export Melt_commond.mode in Melt.Arg.

Mlpost interaction:
* Removed support for tex_dependencies in mlpost_on.ml.
  (It did not actually work and caused a bug.)
- Tweaks to compile without needing two passes.