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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.0

Release Notes

Almost 250 commits to git since 1.3.0, we have a new batteries release.  In addition to the usual slew of bug fixes, tests and documentation and performance improvements, we've added:

* a new core for both polymorphic and functorized Sets and Maps, giving better performance and a more consistent interface (i.e. many new functions for the functorized Sets/Maps).  This also brings map merging to a new level, allowing complex merging operations to be performed easily on maps.
* Splay trees (Map and Set)
* Tuple2/3/4/5 modules for handling n-tuples in easier ways (obseleting the Pair module)
* Oasis support (doesn't generate our build system yet, just provides metadata and installation via odb)
* support for most new functions added to 3.12's stdlib (some names collided, full support coming in 2.0)
* Infix operators now available by opening Foo.Infix, as well as Foo.(expr) in 3.12
* Improved unification of numeric types with more operations shared by all.
* Additional printers installed by default in the toplevel
* LazyList matching support via camlp4

We're looking forward to v2.0 which will clean up some of the warts we've accumulated over the 1.x series by finally breaking backwards compatibility.

Change Log

ee2042e - (github/feat-lazy-list-match) Add lazy pattern matching support (refs #67) (5 months ago) <Michael Ekstrand>
e9c6bf7 - Remove obselete TODO file (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
9f0489f - Put to_format into batIO, rewrite batIO.to_String (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
8798a37 - Merge branch 'release-1.3' (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
5e8d98b - Fix batIO.to_formatter, include in .mli so it's usable (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
9262b01 - General improvements to the build system (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
a2b686c - Edits, mostly tweaks, to README.md (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
5bc1afa - Modify LICENSE to make it more canonical. (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
dce87dc - Changed more instances of "Library PL" to "Lesser GPL". (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
799c3c4 - Make stdlib compat functions default to cleanup (5 months ago) <Michael Ekstrand>
30d3c5c - Make BatHeap.Make refer to BatInterfaces instead of Set (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
dc96147 - Updating pointer to clause 3 in LE text to clause 2 as it should be. (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
7898bb9 - Fix URLs that I inadvertently broke to the wiki in README.md (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
4187576 - Avoid copying batCamomile every time (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
1953d6e - Add OrderedType back in to BatMap (closes #107) (5 months ago) <Michael Ekstrand>
5434c3c - Revert "Avoid copying batCamomile every time" (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
6c89241 - Add tests for batString.nsplit (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
22ae2af - Makefile improvements to not recopy batCamomile and to remove it on clean (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
e42fb37 - Adding some paranoid assertions to BatHashcons (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
460f150 - Allow BATTERIES_NATIVE=no to override _SHLIB, echo which mode batteries is being compiled in (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
5911acd - Removed assertions and fixed one sign error in BatHashcons (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
5e351dd - Don't build make_suite.native if native isn't available (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
21bc0a4 - Clean up test running messages (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
9d1b83f - disable -annot temporarily (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
d774f26 - Enable annot through _tags file (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
a595315 - Delete (most) temporary files created during testing (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
2fa53e9 - Add a benchmark for reading a file to a string and iterating through that string (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
ec34390 - Add benchmark of some string searching algorithms (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
b35c938 - Improve some quickcheck random number generation (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
a514b22 - Add tests to BatInt, optimize Safe_int.mul and int comparators (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
58df3cd - Check word size for Random.full_range at startup instead of runtime (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
b126aaf - Fix large constants which aren't accepted on 32-bit platforms (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
1c9b789 - Add Enum.change_flip,arg_min,arg_max (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
1d43828 - uninstall before installing (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
edaf7db - Add stop-early support to OptParse (5 months ago) <Michael D Ekstrand>
929c9dc - Change stop-early option to only_leading_opts (5 months ago) <Michael Ekstrand>
cac7f46 - Move documentation block (5 months ago) <Michael Ekstrand>
9fe9d3e - Added generic tests for map functors based on test_pmap (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
aa6a906 - Added maps based on splay trees (5 months ago) <Kaustuv Chaudhuri>
bf7d50e - (kaustuv/master) Add test for BatSplay.Map (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
7698bcb - Created module Tuple2, a copy of Pair, in preparation for enhancements. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
0dbb672 - In Tuple2, implemented new functions and made changes to previous API. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
55e58c1 - Nested Tuple2 module into new module Tuple. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
974f7d1 - Rewrote Tuple documentation to be general for arbitrary n-tuples. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
f69718e - Replaced inclusion of Tuple2 with Tuple in Batteries_uni. Should have been done in previous commit. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
5ec8856 - Added Tuple3 module. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
e782f56 - Added Tuple4 module. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
dde900a - Added Tuple5 module. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
e8c85a3 - Minor updates to documentation. (5 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
41cf9c2 - Add faster access to Tuple* submodules (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
a1e2f82 - Clean up unneeded files, move mkconf.ml into build/ (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
86efe06 - Fix BatString.numeric_compare using big_int and scanning for the start of the number (5 months ago) <Eric Norige>
dedc604 - Clean up implementation of String.left, right, head, tail, add more tests for them and String.split (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
55905c9 - Expose Set.intersect and fix Map.intersect to use the first map's comparison function in the result (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
ccf94e8 - (agarwal/tuple) Changed names of Tuples' projection functions from abbreviations to full words. (4 months ago) <Ashish Agarwal>
a142a37 - Add initial setup.ml for OASIS-style build systems (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
17d7a55 - Add Array.insert utility function - possibly optimizable with blits (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
c8f5480 - Add Std.cache_ht/cache_map for caching (with manual deletion) function results (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
c723ba2 - change how to use echo to fix OSX problem (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
9510749 - Initial _oasis file (broken) (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
883efd6 - (github/oasis, oasis) Working _oasis file and the setup.ml generated from it (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
5f1dec6 - Better error message for make_suite (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
2e284c8 - Remove qtest target in makefile (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
b26875a - Add debug to qtest flags (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
0ff8faf - put names on a bunch of unnamed tests (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
da60182 - Another try at fixing echo -n in the makefile - previous fix broke under windows (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
cb7684d - Patch broken string.nsplit and test (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
bd6d4ef - Merge branch 'oasis' (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
58c3160 - Merge remote branch 'github/feat-lazy-list-match' (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
713ceb5 - Replace private git location with public anonymous git in _oasis (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
92b3239 - First stab at detecting OSX to disable building shared library (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
0ec7508 - Add exceptionless modules to batQueue and batStack (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
400ebd7 - Replace BatList.make with a tail recursive version that's 16-32% faster (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
31d7664 - Add Dllist.find plus some extra docstrings (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
e08d8d5 - Move cache functions to new module BatCache (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
6c10022 - Add tests for Dllist.find (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
5e2b837 - Add keys and values functions to batmap (from batmap.S) (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
cbbfd7d - fixed Enum.group (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
9271a5b - Change the type of Enum.group to a more general type (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
46050dc - Add tests for Enum.group (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
326ac7a - Remove Enum.change_flip, more tests/examples for Enum.group (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
4f31169 - name the enum_group tests, so it will run (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
eed7ef4 - Enum.group now really fixed (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
169b5d1 - empty Enum.group test, why not (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
d7fe0e4 - BatString.find_from: don't raise undocumented exceptions (4 months ago) <Erkki Seppälä>
5ce41b2 - More String.*find documentation changes and tests and make rfind_from raise Not_found on an empty string too (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
60e7532 - one more Enum.group failing test (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
7c922c2 - Enum.group passes tests (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
5fc95c0 - some code clarification (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
9dd89fe - Enum.group refactored, added Enum.group_by (4 months ago) <Anton Novikov>
8db5000 - Add BatOptParse.StdOpt.any_option function (4 months ago) <Hezekiah M. Carty>
16d62be - Small documentation typo fix in BatOptParse (4 months ago) <Hezekiah M. Carty>
dc778a5 - Tweak batIMap to require eq on internal uses of make and redefine it to be optional at the end.  Fixed flux's bug (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
216f377 - Add one more test to batString.find_from (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
c059b21 - Add more toplevel printers for simple sets, psets, enums (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
3c3a81a - Fix enum printing to limit the length shown and not consume the original enum (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
5b19679 - A new benchsuite/ repertory for performance measurements. (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
932628d - factorized implementation of functorized Map and PMap (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
c5582ae - cleaned batMap.ml and batSet.ml indentation (only whitespace changes) (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
cba7ac0 - dead code removal in batMap.ml (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
a40535a - MultiPMap test in testsuite/test_pmap.ml fixed (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
c0c66b5 - in testsuite/, test_pmap.ml is now split into test_map.ml and test_multipmap.ml (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
7dd97bf - Fix for the evaluation order of BatMap.{map,mapi} (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
0789e4a - Exhaustive testing of functions in intersection of functorized Map and polymorphic PMap interfaces. (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
cb915b3 - a new benchsuite/test_int file to benchmark the BatInt module (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
c017aee - a fix to the benchsuite/test_maps module : ensure that the same comparison function is used in PMap and Map benchmarks. (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
ccfdecb - A third, fast, and genuinely safe implementation of BatInt.compare, due to Mauricio Fernandez (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
aef2bb7 - reintroduction of Map.split function (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
0050847 - a reimplementation of Map.Concrete.join without using a comparison parameter (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
5cba217 - BatP{Map,Set}.mli comments synchronized with Bat{Map,Set}.mli comments (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
4d20482 - Use of a camlp4-macro INCLUDE directive to reduce .mli duplication in bat{Set,Map}.mli (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
3e94cd2 - `split` from Map.Make added to PMap (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
717078e - `singleton` and `cardinal` added to Map and PMap (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
80837a9 - `for_all` and `exists` added to functorized Map (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
31a3b7d - import of the 3.12 stdlib's `bindings : 'a t -> (key * 'a) list` into Map and PMap (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
7bcbafb - The Map.merge function ported from stdlib 3.12 (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
6331ed2 - a neat trick to speed up PMap.merge, switching to PMap.merge_unsafe when possible (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
09090b6 - a benchmark to compare the current PMap.union and a new merge-based implementation (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
f18b85a - a small experiment with specialized union code (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
d1ea03d - Revert "a small experiment with specialized union code" (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
ce1c5b7 - a test suite for PMap binary operators, trying to exhibit any oddities on heterogeneous comparisons (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
965ffe1 - a small, unobservable change in Concrete.filter* functions (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
22832db - homogeneization of binary PMap operators (see mailing list) (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
850baa6 - reorganization of benchsuite/test_maps.ml (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
3a690b1 - new performance tests for implementations of PMap binary operators (union, diff, intersect) (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
b5275c8 - the heuristic on 'merge' implementation moved into BatMap.Concrete (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
42ee9a4 - reimplementation of binary PMap operators (union, diff, intersect) based on heurtistic merge. (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
a069a7f - [minor] benchsuite/test_*.ml renamed into benchsuite/bench_*.ml (4 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
2200512 - Merge remote branch 'bluestorm/pmap_binary_operations' (4 months ago) <Eric Norige>
3b4a0bf - fix issue #126 (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
7d8cb74 - removed %s from default BROWSER_COMMAND. one should supply only name of browser without placeholder (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
f7ca238 - added stream to string convertsion functions (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
64dddb8 - to_list added to interface (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
dd19bb4 - docs for enum/of_enum swapped (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
872096b - labelled versions of to_string_* (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
bba76d6 - fix typos and errors (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
5f79e5e - use custom conf and install (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
c34ec7b - regenerated setup.ml (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
ecacf08 - Merge remote branch 'arhat/batstream-features' (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
0cd0477 - Merge remote branch 'arhat/fix-oasis-file' (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
8b4bdce - Fix ordering of expected and actual in @= (3 months ago) <Michael Ekstrand>
f212b6d - remove custom configuration (3 months ago) <Roman Sokolov>
c47d06b - Add some inline tests to BatMap.ml (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
4e5019c - Add Complex.to/of_float in interface (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
f17f64d - Add new function Array.filteri (with simple test) (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
b5d7e34 - Add enum function to manual caches (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
f27df07 - Improve whitespace in parserco.mli to fix ocamldoc (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
9a7f234 - Make sure to install the pa_llist.cmo file (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
d3a9e13 - Fix pa_llist install filename (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
f49869a - Add char_printer (3 months ago) <Andreas Bogk>
b24f89d - Use && in tests so it fails when one test fails (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
125fb98 - Enable debug in everything but benchmarks (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
1f1c3e3 - Add an unquoted printer to BstString (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
babf8a1 - [minor] clarification of heuristic_merge cmp1or2 parameter (3 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
3cb1e8e - [minor] fixed PMap.diff mli comment (3 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
5f58d0b - [minor] test_map comment diff (3 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
7ac05a8 - [fix] pmap binary operators: in case on non-compatible comparisons, revert to the slower&simpler implementation respecting the strange but public interface (3 months ago) 
fd0c8f6 - change the behaviour of PMap binary operators (union,diff,intersection,merge) so that the returned map always use the comparison function of its first parameter. (3 months
2275b4a - Merge remote branch 'bluestorm/pmap_binary_operations' (3 months ago) <Eric Norige>
ed445a0 - [minor] typos in Enum documentation (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
b11400b - [fix] wrong behavior of Enum.WithMonad.sequence in case of backtracking mona.ds (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
89278f7 - pop and extract from PMap added to Map.S (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
e3ad9ee - [fix] removed the camlp4 macro to handle duplication between batP{Map,Set}.mli and bat{Map,Set}.mli (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
b6020df - BatSplay added to the batterie of testsuite/test_maps tests. (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
0fcb7cb - BatSplay: implementation of 'bindings', 'exists', 'for_all', 'singleton' and 'cardinal' (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
1843c03 - BatSplay : inconsistent behaviour of 'choose' fixed (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
819d637 - a naive implementation of split (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
36a0e2b - BatSplay: inconsistent behaviour of 'print' changed (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
d1f0ba4 - BatSplay: a solid implementation of 'merge' (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
db11fb0 - [minor] tests for pop and extract activated (not yet implemented for BatSplay) (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
f830e2f - 'pop' and 'extract' also implemented for BatSplay, which is now on-par with other maps (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
aee15fa - a comment on the use of Obj in batSplay.ml (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
3bf9c1d - [fix #137] Clean up references to old syntax extensions in the setup.html doc (2 months ago) <Eric Norige>
85c7aa3 - [Fix #132] Add Printexc.print_backtrace that works on Batteries IO channels (2 months ago) <Eric Norige>
864dbaa - the batSplay Obj comment is more detailed and hopefully less confusing (2 months ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
bc613ab - BatSplay added to the batterie of testsuite/test_maps tests. (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
3424916 - BatSplay: implementation of 'bindings', 'exists', 'for_all', 'singleton' and 'cardinal' (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
a50052f - BatSplay : inconsistent behaviour of 'choose' fixed (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
73430d1 - a naive implementation of split (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
66c3160 - BatSplay: inconsistent behaviour of 'print' changed (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
1d9d9df - BatSplay: a solid implementation of 'merge' (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
dd0da9d - [minor] tests for pop and extract activated (not yet implemented for BatSplay) (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
6c6148d - 'pop' and 'extract' also implemented for BatSplay, which is now on-par with other maps (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
350f612 - a comment on the use of Obj in batSplay.ml (10 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
c535cfa - Bench: Add a trivial interval generation benchmark (10 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
aee41a1 - new performance measurements for Set.Make/PSet (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
7028bd9 - a new test battery for Set implementations, adapted from Map's tests. (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
f9c034a - Factorized implementation of functorized Set and PSet (9 weeks ago) <Moncef Baazet>
fab53c9 - [minor] reordering of the polymorphic set operations signature, to ease comparison / coherence with functorized operations (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
45ab5a1 - pop added to Set.Make, and split to PSet (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
9ea250b - 'partition' added to Map.Make (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
7cdd9d2 - the batSplay Obj comment is more detailed and hopefully less confusing (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
7b87c1b - Merge remote-tracking branch 'bluestorm/set-and-map-factorizations' (9 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
1c9d011 - change build/make_suite so that "String.foo" is a valid test name (9 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
ea10c48 - fix code examples and add tests to the String module. Bug found in 'splice', not yet fixed. (8 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
2881409 - [minor] one of Batstring's tests was inactive (8 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
fd68ef4 - fix BatString.mli code comment (8 weeks ago) <Gabriel Scherer>
3be2539 - Add input_binary_float/output_binary_float. (8 weeks ago) <Cedric Cellier>
8244376 - Merge pull request #145 from rixed/master (8 weeks ago) <gasche>
d439b4f - Add linenum directives so that test errors point back to source files (8 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
63b3a87 - (agarwal/master) Fix bug in String.splice related to negative lengths by clipping len.  Not sure if this is the best solution, but it is in line with the safety of [off] a
b4cdf3c - Add UTF8.casefold transform to allow case-insensitive rope comparisons, also document UTF8.Byte more (7 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
1511b0f - [#148] Fix iterator bounds issue with empty leaves, update Rope.icompare to use casefold transform instead of lowercase (7 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
26a4ad5 - Addition of a few onliners (6 weeks ago) <Cedric Cellier>
aa89011 - Merge pull request #149 from rixed/master (6 weeks ago) <Edgar Friendly>
442dba8 - Import filter_map from BatEnum into BatPervasive and make it available via /@/ alias. (5 weeks ago) <Cedric Cellier>
ea5a4d3 - Add option compare (5 weeks ago) <Pedro Borges>
87929d9 - Merge pull request #152 from pdhborges/master (5 weeks ago) <gasche>
60a2009 - Merge pull request #150 from rixed/master (5 weeks ago) <gasche>
1621800 - Add optional arg for the num of char to chop on rchop and lchop (5 weeks ago) <Pedro Borges>
4498f9a - Merge pull request #153 from pdhborges/rchop-lchop (5 weeks ago) <Edgar Friendly>
99ef957 - Major cleanup of numeric types Bounded and Discrete have their own type names (not t) MakeNumeric makes a BatNumber.Numeric type, which is also a Discrete. All the numeric
4f49424 - Add support in qtest toolchain for verbose flag triggered by -v for more logging during testing.  Still need to add code to make_suite to put printing statements that depe
7c02c67 - add List.Exceptionless.hd and List.Exceptionless.tl functions (4 weeks ago) <Vladimir Ivanov>
43e3272 - Merge pull request #154 from vladivanov/master (4 weeks ago) <Edgar Friendly>
82583d6 - Remove useless values in batFloat.Base_safe_float (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
3129fbb - Add Infix submodules (4 weeks ago) <cedric cellier>
8aa6289 - New submodule Compare to group comparison operators previously in Infix. (4 weeks ago) <Cedric Cellier>
cd2532f - Add support for camomile 0.8.3 in camomile detection script, print workaround for unknown camomile version, don't regen batteries_config as often (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norig
fd08014 - Do a full rebuild on make release (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
d7852d1 - Merge pull request #155 from rixed/infix-modules (4 weeks ago) <Edgar Friendly>
ab57363 - Fix euler024 example (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
b530464 - Add license header to batFile.ml (from batfile.mli) (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
66feaf9 - Remove unneeded heading from batResult.mli (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
0e7be73 - Cleanups to batEnum.mli (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
98225fa - Tweak arg_min/max's failure exception and document it (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
32d589c - Add Enum.partition as synonym of Enum.switch (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
2980851 - Add tests for Enum.partition (4 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
5b0fdcd - Add missing conversion functions from int32, int64 and nativeints. (3 weeks ago) <Cedric Cellier>
75266c8 - Print test name before running tests (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
030bbcb - Add Option.eq to lift an equality test to option types (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
d0f3b07 - Add optional parameters to batPair.print to allow custom first,sep and last (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
b63d1ef - Rework Makefile's testing rules so that [TESTABLE=src/batString.ml make test] only builds and runs the batString tests (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
3840753 - Clean up test names in oUnit (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
731b0db - Merge pull request #156 from rixed/missing-conv-32-64 (3 weeks ago) <Edgar Friendly>
543f3b3 - Makefile: change camomile detection to default to 0.8.2 for unknown versions (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
2b90930 - Substring: Add print function (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
9a0806e - (origin/master) Add big_factorial to examples/euler/mathlib.ml (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
07ef396 - Add primality testing to mathlib (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
8926634 - (github/master) Forgot Bat prefix on substring, compile fix (3 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
1c65b81 - (github/v1.4.0) V1.4 iniital commit (2 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
a29bb96 - v1.4.0pre2 (tweaks to _oasis) (2 weeks ago) <Eric Norige>
0097761 - Merge in fixes from upstream camomile (8 days ago) <Eric Norige>
9d571fc - Bump version to 1.4.0 (22 minutes ago) <Eric Norige>
96b4e52 - (HEAD, v1.4.0) Add more details on how to get a nice changelog out of git (7 minutes ago) <Eric Norige>