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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.3.0

Release Notes

This version features variables computed using a fixpoint, man pages have been written, *many* new latex commands have been added, comments may be used in text and math mode, and of course some bugs have been fixed.

Change Log

Known bugs:
* mlpost figures assume .1 filename extension when compiling with -ps.
  It works fine with mlpost up to 0.8.1, but not with the development version
  of mlpost which produce .mps files.
* bench/slides.mlt does not compile using mlpost 8.1 (it does with the
  development version) because the type of Box.pic changed. This should not
  bother you as this is just an example.
To sum up, choose your version of mlpost well.

* Percent character (%) now yields \% in .tex files, instead of just % which
would be a LaTeX comment. Lines being different in .mlt and .tex files, this
made no sense.
* Comments may be used in text and math mode. They use (* *) and may be nested.
- Bugfix: \n in verbatim mode is now handle correctly.
* \\ now yields a single \ in the .ml file

Melt tool and library:
- Programs which are compiled and linked with the Melt library now accept
  the -depends option on the command line. It produces, along with the
  X.tex file, a X.tex.depends file containing a hash of all Mlpost figures.
  If you have your own Makefile, you may add a dependency between the
  .ps or .pdf to this .tex.depends file to ensure the final document is
  recompiled if a figure changes.
- -classic-display is not passed to recent mlpost versions which do not
  handle it
* function "latex" has been renamed to "picture_of_latex", the "latex" value
  is now the \LaTeX command which prints the LaTeX logo
- Added -latex option to specify the latex command
* .ml files are only copied into _melt, they are no longer compiled
  nor executed. .mlt files are copied and preprocessed. They are not
  compiled nor executed either.
  If you need your auxiliary files to be compiled and preprocessed, just
  add them as dependencies of your main file (using "open" for instance,
  or adding a module initializer and calling it from your main file).
  They will then be compiled and linked by Ocamlbuild.

Latex library:
- implementation uses lists with fast concatenation, which should in particular
  help to prevent stack overflows
- packages used by commands in ~title, ~author, ~date and ~prelude of the
document function are now taken into account
- figure caption may be placed at the side (?side_caption)
- figures may be wide (?wide)
- wrapfigure, floatingfigure, subfloat
- beamer colors may be given using rgb values
- ~underscore argument for pseudocode verbatim function
- equation
- index_exponent
- variables (similar in use to LaTeX counters, but evaluated when
  pretty-printing the .tex file)
- empty, is_empty
- more delimiters, just_left, just_right, between
- index functionalities
- support of multicolumn via the 'layout' optional argument of 'array_line'
- Beamer columns
- and (many) various other latex commands

* module Version renamed to Melt_version
- man pages have been written, they are installed with "make install"
- fixed META file dependencies