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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.02

Change Log

o [License] add the usual Ocaml linking exception in the license
o [Calendar] Calendar_sig.Period.to_time is deprecated.
  Replaced by a new function Calendar_sig.Period.safe_to_time
o [Date] Date.Period.nb_days is deprecated.
  Replaced by a new function Date.Period.safe_nb_days
o [Compilation] calendarLib.cmxs provided if ocaml >= 3.11 is installed
  (patch of Mehdi Dogguy)
o [Date] new functions Date.make_year and Date.make_year_month
o [Date] improve memory representation of Date.Period.t
* [Compilation] remove installation of packed *.cmi
* [Compilation] bug fixed under Cygwin
* [Compilation] META files was incorrect, so "ocamlfind ocamlopt" did not work
* [Compilation] file date_sig.mli, time_sig.mli and calendar_sig.mli was not 
  properly linked