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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2.0

Release Notes

This version features support for Mlpost 0.7, some bugfixes, small additions to the Latex library and various minor tweaks.

Change Log

Configuration, Compilation and Installation
- Default installation directory is now OCAMLLIB/melt, where OCAMLLIB is
either: the default installation directory of ocamlfind, or
the standard directory of caml if ocamlfind is not available.
- (bugfix) Do not link with mlpost if MLPOST = NO.

Melt tool and library:
- Add -latex file.tex option to Mlpost to compute prelude, if the tex file
already exists.
- Cairo support for Mlpost 0.7
* ?pdf argument for mlpost becomes ?mode
- -mlpost option
- -mlpost-no-prelude option

- Print opened and pending modes in unexpected end of file errors
- Print an error if a "}" appears in text or math mode

Latex library:
- (bugfix) the ~center option of figure has been fixed
- phantom, vphantom, hphantom
- Beamer overlays
- makebox, framebox
- unusual_command, for weird LaTeX commands with interleaved [] and {} arguments
or for commands with multiple optional arguments
- place_label to hackishly place a label
- latex_of_size for user-defined commands
* Latex.document does not add an empty \author{} if the ~author is not given