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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.8

Change Log

  * Major changes:                                                              
    * Fix various problems of parsing present in OASIS 0.4.7:                   
      * Only issue a warning when extraneous blanks are present. (Closes: #1665)
      * Fixes ocamlbuild plugin argument handling bug. (Closes: #1659)          
      * Re-add MyOCamlbuildBase.env_filename.                                   
      * Script to test reverse build depends (Closes: #1672).                   
    * Enable creation of OASIS plugin and OASIS command line plugin:            
      * Add examples/plugins to demonstrate how to build plugins.               
      * Update HACKING.md.                                                      
      * Ensure they work, using a test.                                         
    * Plugin "omake":                                                           
      * Workaround for a problem in omake- variables accumulated        
        via foreach cannot be private.                                          
      * Passing the title string down to ocamldoc                               
      * Fix compilation of pack-level mli's.                                    
      * Move definition of some variables in subdirectories to use them         
        correctly (OCAMLINCLUDES, OCAMLPACKS and a few others)                  
    Thanks to Gerd Stolpmann for these contributions.                           
    * Improve CI/tests:                                                         
      * Split quickstart tests out of the main tests, because it fails too      
        often and often need to be disabled.                                    
      * Reorganize test/ directories.                                           
      * Use OCaml 4.04 for Travis-CI.                                           
      * Reorganize my CI scripts in src/tools/ci.                               
      * Get rid of ardivink and switch to OPAM for travis and jenkins builders. 
    * Create 2 branches (opam/unstable and opam/testing) to provide pinning     
      capabilities to OPAM:                                                     
      * It allows OPAM to track the development version of OASIS                
      * Update information in README.md                                         
      * Add a makefile target to allow to create opam/ in a local copy for      
        testing a locally hacked version of OASIS.                              
      * Setup auto-generation of opam/unstable branch and auto-promotion of     
        opam/unstable to opam/testing when integration tests have succeeded.    
  * Minor changes:                                                              
    * Quick hack to solve #1674 and allow to use flambda, upstream notified of  
      the problem. (Closes: #1674)                                              
    * Use OASISFormat 0.4 for OASIS itself:                                     
      * Use source_patterns feature to precisely locate .mlify files.           
      * Use markdown to generate standard files.                                
      * Add BugReports to generated README in StdFiles.                         
Thanks to Edwin Török, Yuri D. Lensky and Gerd Stolpmann for their