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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.18.4

Release Notes

This releases fixes a number of bugs, and ensure compatibility with ocaml 4.03.

Change Log

2016.04.27 [Jacques]
  * disable camlp4 make rule when no camlp4o available
  * update applications
  * rename GC module to GMain.Gc_custom

2016.04.11 [Jacques]
  * Fix ml_gnome_canvas_c2w (Didier Le Botlan)

2016.03.06 [Jacques]
  * remove build dependency on camlp4 (still needed for tree version)
  * allow to change the GC speed (i.e. the impact of custom blocks)
    see GMain.GC.set_speed.

2016.03.04 [Jacques]
  * use own definition of alloc_custom, to be sure to allocate in the heap

2015.04.16 [Jacques]
  * fix GtkTree.TreeModel.cast

2015.02.06 [Jacques]
  * add get_image and get_pixbuf to GDraw.drawable.