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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1.0

Release Notes

Mlpost 0.7 (which is not released yet) cannot be used with Melt 1.1.0.

Change Log

- Replaced the configuration tool by a more powerful one using Totoconf

Melt tool:
- -classic-display option
- Added the latop tool to parse LaTeX output and re-print it prettier and with
less trash (for now it is more or less deactivated though)

- \" in comments become " to stop the OCaml compiler from complaining about
a string litteral not terminated in a comment.
- $, " and { didn't work as verbatim delimiters and now a parse error is printed
- Errors are now printed as "Melt parse error" instead of just "Parse error"
- Underscores (_) are now accepted in verbatim function names

Latex and Melt library:
- Latex.Verbatim.pseudocode (and Melt.Verbatim.pseudocode)
* Bugfix: ~packages argument of commands and environment are now taken into
account even if the command is used deep inside the AST
* Bugfix: Melt.convert now forces math or text mode for `M and `T
- Latex.size type enhanced with more sizes
- Reorganized the interface and its documentation

Latex and Melt library (smaller features):
* inferrule_ replaced by inferrule, which has many new options
- parbox, minipage, center
- hspace
- bot
- textrm, textsf, mathcal
- newline_size
- Verbatim.trim, trim_end and trim_begin
- Verbatim.split_lines
- listoffigures, listoftables
- many more font size commands
- llbracket, rrbracket (package stmaryrd)
- box_