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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.18.3

Release Notes

The main goal of this release is to fix a runtime incompatibility with ocaml 4.02, which caused random crashes with unison.

Change Log

2014.10.06 [Jacques]
  * add Gdk.Window.create_foreign and set_transient_for functions (Tim Cuthbertson)

2014.09.20 [Jacques]
  * CAMLparam initializes with Val_unit rather than 0 since ocaml 4.02.
    Fix a related problem in ml_gobject.
    This caused random crashes with unison (Christopher Zimmermann, PR#1425) 
  * Also factorize some code to use Val_option_*
  * Replace XID by GdkNativeWindow where required.
    You may need to insert calls to Gdk.Window.native_of_xid in some places.