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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.5

Change Log

  * Version 0.4.5

  * Major changes:

    * Build and install annotation files.
    * Use builtin bin_annot and annot tags.
    * Tag .mly files on the same basis as .ml and .mli files
      (required by menhir).
    * Remove 'program' constraint from C-dependencies.
      Currently, when a library has C-sources and e.g. an executable
      depends on that library, then changing the C-sources and running
      '-build' does not yield a rebuild of the library.
      By adding these dependencies (rather removing the constraint),
      it seems to work fine.

  * Minor changes:

    * Add tests tag if --enable-tests.
    * Remove ocaml 4.02 warnings.
    * Fix the automatic use of -syntax for OCamlVersion >= 3.12.1.
    * Use the right ocamlfind binary to get all supported packages.
      The name of the ocamlfind binary should be read from the configuration.
      This is especially useful when cross-compiling.

  * Features:

    * no_automatic_syntax (alpha): Disable the automatic inclusion
      of -syntax camlp4o for packages that matches the internal heuristic
      (if a dependency ends with a .syntax or is a well known syntax).

    * compiled_setup_ml (alpha): Fix a bug using multiple arguments
      to the configure script.

  Thanks to Christopher Zimmermann, Jerome Vouillon, Tomohiro Matsuyama
  and Christoph Höger for their pull requests and to help release this version.