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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.3

Release Notes

This release 1.3 of Zarith provides compatibility with OCaml 4.02 and fixes some bugs.

Change Log

 Fixed inefficiencies in asm fast path for ARM.
- Revised detection of NaNs and infinities in Z.of_float
- Suppress the redundant fast paths written in C if a corresponding
  fast path exists in asm.
- Use <stdint.h> to ensure compatibility with OCaml 4.02.
- More prudent implementation of Z.of_int, avoids GC problem
  with OCaml < 4.02 (PR#6501 in the OCaml bug tracker).
- PR#1429: of_string accepts 'a' in base 10.
- Macro change to avoid compiler warnings on unused variables.