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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.3.0

Release Notes

The main novelty of this new version is the support for the new OCaml
version 4.02. Whenever possible, we have backported new functions from
the 4.02 compiler library: using Batteries 2.3.0 will let you use them
from any OCaml version. You can thus write code using the new 4.2.0
functions that compiles on old OCaml versions. The only exception is
the support for inspecting the callstack, which is not available on
older OCaml versions -- it depends on an OCaml runtime change.

In particular, all new functions related to the new `bytes` datatype
are usable with Batteries 2.3.0, even from older OCaml
versions. However, the new Batteries release does *not* itself compile
with -safe-string (the new OCaml option to make strings immutable). We
plan to release another minor version soon that is -safe-string
ready. You can use Batteries 2.3.0 in user programs compiled with
-safe-string themselves, but you should expect compilation under
-safe-string to break at the next Batteries release, as some
interfaces change from `string` to `bytes`.

With many thanks to the contributors to this new release, including
François Berenger, Vincent Bernardoff, Simon Cruanes, Jacques-Pascal
Deplaix, Mads Hartmann, Max Mouratov, Gabriel Radanne, Xavier Van de
Woestyne, Ralf Vogler and Christopher Zimmermann.

Change Log

- improved test coverage
  (Simon Cruanes and Xavier Van de Woestyne)
- Enum: bugfix in clamp
  (Simon Cruanes)
- Stream: add concat_map
  (Gabriel Radanne)
- List: fix a stack-overflow bug in transpose
  (Gabriel Scherer)
- List: add unfold_exc : (unit -> a) -> 'a list * exn
  (François Berenger)
- List: add fold_righti and fold_lefti
  (François Berenger)
- Substring : fix fold_left, add fold_lefti, fold_righti
  (Xavier Van de Woestyne)
- String : add fold_lefti and fold_righti
  (Xavier Van de Woestyne)
- Set.Make: add of_list
  (Jacques-Pascal Deplaix)
- AvlTree: add (check : 'a tree -> bool) to check well-formedness
  (Simon Cruanes)
- Hashtbl: make modify_opt/def resize the table to preserve amortized costs
  (Mads Hartmann, report by user 'jj-issuu')
- Enum: fix combine's count in presence of infinite enums
  (Gabriel Scherer, report by user 'mwnx')
- Makefile: add a qtest-byte target
  (Gabriel Scherer)
- List: add modify_opt_at: int -> ('a -> 'a option) -> 'a list -> 'a list
  (Gabriel Scherer)
- List: add modify_at: int -> ('a -> 'a) -> 'a list -> 'a list
  (Gabriel Scherer)
- List: add remove_at: int -> 'a list -> 'a list
  (François Berenger)
- Int: add copysign
  (Simon Cruanes)
- Deque: add rotate_forward, rotate_backward : 'a dq -> 'a dq
  (Max Mouratov)
- Int: fix overflow checking in Safe_int.mul
  (Max Mouratov, Christopher Zimmermann)
- add a local OPAM description, allows to use
    opam pin add batteries git@github.com:ocaml-batteries-team/batteries-included.git
  (Vincent Bernardoff)
- Queue: add map : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a t -> 'b t
  (Christopher Zimmermann)
- compatibility with 4.02:
  + Printf: remove CamlinternalPr for OCaml versions >= 4.02
    (Ralf Vogler)
  + Printf: legacy code assumed (string = fmt)
    (Gabriel Scherer)
  + new 4.02 functions:
      String.mapi (String.init was already in Batteries)
      List.sort_uniq (List.sort_unique existed before)
      Array.make_float (less efficient implementation provided for <4.02 versions)
      a BatBytes module relying on ocamlfind's compatibility module
      bytes-related functions in Buffer,Digest,Marshal,Printexc,Stream,Unix
      new Printexc callstack interface (not available for <4.02 versions)
    (Gabriel Scherer)