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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.18.2

Release Notes

New release with bug fixes and 4.02 compatibility.

Change Log

2014.09.17 [Jacques]
  * Revert old commit which broke notify signals
  * Quote $(FLINSTALLDIR) in Makefile (cf PR#1342)
  * Update applications/browser for 4.02

2014.08.22 [Jacques]
  * Make Float_val an alias for Double_val, since it was used
    wrongly anyway (Felix Ruess)
  * Make GObj.misc_ops#add_accelerator polymorphic in the widget of
    the signal (Erkki Seppala)
  * Use properties in GtkAdjustment, rather than direct accessors

2013.12.31 [Jacques]
  * fix GtkTree.IconView.get_path_at_pos (Thomas Leonard)