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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.3

Change Log

  * Version 0.4.3

  * Major changes:

    * Added -remove switch to the setup-clean subcommand designed to remove
      unaltered generated files completely, rather than simply emptying their
      OASIS section.
    * Translate path of ocamlfind on Windows to be bash/win32 friendly.
    * Description is now parsed in a more structured text (para/verbatim).

  * Minor changes:

    * Give a more precise message when module name are wrong (Closes: #1236).
    * Prevent loop in transitive_closure computation (Closes: #1253).
    * Update HACKING.md to define how to do a release and add some version
      and backward compatibility requirements.
    * No timeout for ocaml-expect, to prevent flaky tests on slow architecture.
    * Prevent warnings from confusing the terminal, add some extra \n.
    * Force to use the ocamlfind define in configure. (Closes: #1360)
    * Add more descriptive message when indentation is wrong (Closes: #1295)

  * Features:

    * stdfiles_markdown (alpha): set default extension of StdFiles (AUTHORS, INSTALL,
      README) tp be '.md'. Use markdown syntax for standard files. Use comments
      that hides OASIS section and digest. This feature should help direct
      publishing on GitHub.

    * disable_oasis_section (alpha): it allows DisableOASISSection to be
      specified in the package with a list of expandable filenames given. Any
      generated file specified in this list doesn't get an OASIS section digest
      or comment headers and footers and is therefore regenerated each time
      oasis setup is run (and any changes made are lost).
      This feature is mainly intended for use with StdFiles so that, for
      example, INSTALL.txt and AUTHORS.txt (which often won't be modified) can
      have the extra comment lines removed.

    * compiled_setup_ml (alpha): allow to precompile setup.ml to speedup.

  Thanks to David Allsopp, Martin Keegan and Jacques-Pascal Deplaix for their
  pull requests and to help release this version.