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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.2

Change Log

  * Version 0.4.2

  * Major changes:

    * Change BSD3 and BSD4 to BSD-3-clause and BSD-4-clause to comply with
      DEP5, add BSD-2-clause. BSD3 and BSD4 are still valid but marked as
      More information:

    * Enhance .cmxs supports through the generation of .mldylib files.
      When one of the modules of a library has the name of the library,
      ocamlbuild tends to just transform this module into a .cmxs. Now, the use
      of a .mldylib fix that problem and the .cmxs really contains all modules
      of the library.

    * Refactor oasis.cli to be able to create subcommand plugins.
      * Exported modules starts now with CLI.
      * Display plugins in the manual.
      * Design so that it is possible to be thread-safe.
      * Try to minimize the number of functions.
      * Make better choice of name and API.
      * A subcommand plugin 'dist' to create tarball is in preparation, as a
        separate project.

    * Remove plugin-list subcommand, this command was limited and probably not
      used. A better alternative will appear in next version.

    * Sub-command setup-dev is now hidden and will soon be removed.

  * Minor changes:

    * Refactor ocamlbuild build plugin to have some features in doc plugin.
      XOCamlbuilExtraArgs and XOCamlbuildPluginTags are now available for
      Document. The flag '-use-ocamlfind' is set for doc and build plugin.

    * Reorganize the test/data directory, each toplevel test has now its
      dedicated subdirectory in test/data.
    * Start to work on better support of syntax extension:
      * Remove archive(syntax,{byte,native}) from the META, this was causing 
        an issue when trying to compile.
      * Add an example that creates a syntax extension.
      * Add support for auto-guessing syntax_camlp4o when one of the syntax
        extension shipped with camlp4 is in a build depends.

    * Allow to include $(X) in CCOpt/CClib. 
      This patch helps to enable variable susbtitution for flags. This allow to
      write a PostConfCommand script to insert this data in setup.data and have
      them back when running OCamlbuild.
    * Raise error when "true" or "false" are not spelled correctly.

    * Fix some warnings about "Field X is set but matcing plugin Z is not enabled."
  Thanks to Andrew Ferguson, Florent Monnier and Jacques-Pascal Deplaix for their
  pull requests and to help release this version.