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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.0

Change Log

2013-11-13  Sylvain Le Gall <sylvain AT le-gall.net>

  * Version 0.4.0

  * Major changes:

     * Migrate the source repository to https://github.com/ocaml/oasis
     * Fix a lot of code style issues (e.g. blank at the end of the line) and
       create a test to check that the style of generated files is correct. Some
       related tools has been fixed asi well, for the best formatting use
       ocamlmod >= 0.0.7 and ocaml-data-notation >= 0.0.10.
     * Port all tests to OUnit 2.0, which allows to run all tests faster.
     * Run some tests with a fake bytecode only setup, so that we can always
       check that bytecode and nativecode tests are passing.  (Closes: #1306)
     * Fix a missing dependency on ocamlbuild package and inclusion of
       ocambuildlib.cma in builtin-plugins.cma.
     * Introduce a framework to create features. 
       * Add fields AlphaFeatures and BetaFeatures to list the experimental
         features you want to use in your _oasis
       * Using AlphaFeatures and BetaFeatures is only allowed if OASISFormat is
         set to the latest OASIS version. There is no backward compatiblity for
         experimental features. For example, if you are using OASIS 0.4.X,
         OASISFormat must be set to 0.4.
       * AlphaFeatures represents features not fully completed that maybe very
         unstable, quickly evolving and even removed in future release.
       * BetaFeatures represents features almost finished that needs to mature
         a bit before being published.
       * See 'Features' section in this changelog to have a list of what
         features are available.

  * Minor changes:
     * Self compile during tests.
     * Apply patches found in vouillon/opam-android-repository.
     * Fix bug when a directory with the right name appears in the PATH.
     * Fix OASISPath_intern.fn_reader on Cygwin.
     * Fix suffix_program on Cygwin.
     * Fix the META generation when XMETAType: syntax.
     * Fix for installing .cmx files with packed libraries as required for
       cross-module inlining.
     * Fix bad location of .cmx generated along .cmxs.
     * Add GNU Affero GPL license
     * Add the wtfpl license
     * Fix typos, thanks to Hendrik Tews.
     * Locate "topfind" when using opam "system" compiler.
     * Fix issue (Closes: #1239)
     * Assume camlp4o when packages end in .syntax.
     * Make sure the right Findlib version is used with OCaml 4.0.0.
     * Fix strange split function in myocamlbuild (Closes: #1186)

  * Features:

     * section_object (beta):
        * Implement 'Object' section, thanks to Philippe Veber

     * pure_interface (alpha):
        * Support pure interface modules in libraries.

     * ocamlbuild_more_args (alpha):
        * Add field XOCamlbuildPluginTags to pass -plugin-tags to OCamlbuild
        * Add field XOCamlbuildExtraArgs to pass more args to OCamlbuild