OCaml Forge

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.4.9

Change Log

  * Major changes:
    * Plugin "omake":
      * Use correctly sorted internal library deps for OCAML_LIBS
        (Closes: #1736)
      * Delay the interpretation of $(CMXS_ENABLED) for the install suffixes.
        Also, take the environment variable "destdir" into account when
        installing data files.
      * Do not install the component modules of a packed library, but the
        packed module. (Close: #1737)
      * Solve ocamlmklib instability, re-enable test "OMake/Complex".
        (Closes: #1739)
      * Only link those libraries into executables that are really needed.
        (Closes: #1747).
      * Fix problems with the automatic addition of deps when building
        executables on platforms with case-insensitive file system.
      * Make OMake tests optional since it is complex to install OMake 0.10.2
        with OPAM.

  * Minor changes:
    * Make sure --destdir is really used when installing (Closes: #107).
    * Try to register only when a glob pattern matches at least one file (#102)
    * Clean up setup.cmt after compiling setup.exe
    * By default, use Github for bug reporting (Closes: #97)
    * Simplify conditional expressions (Close: #95)
    * Document CLISubCommand.register, CLISubCommand.default_fspecs

Thanks to Gerd Stolpmann, Christophe Troestler and Deokhwan Kim.