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Posted by: Thorsten Ohl
Date: 2008-12-06 16:47
Summary:iRex Tools Version 0.2 released
Project:iRex Tools

It's faster, more complete and more correct;).

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iRex Tools Version 0.2 released

Thorsten Ohl - 2008-12-06 16:47 -

iRex Tools Version 0.1 released

Thorsten Ohl - 2008-11-25 09:25 -

iReX Tools SVN repository migrated to OCamlForge

Thorsten Ohl - 2008-10-28 16:59 -

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Please Help? [ reply ]
By: Stefano Stramigioli on 2009-01-23 20:24
I am new to this forum. I got here desperately looking for a way to get my scribble and pdf mixed on a MAC. I found the sources, but I have problem in compiling them. Can anybody please post an executable for a MAC (Intel) of the IrexTools? I would GREATLY appreciate that.

Thanks in advance for your kind help