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850Provide way to set default ocamlbuild flags* 2010-12-29 22:29Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
851Flag: allow for more than just boolean flags* 2010-12-29 22:43Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
852destdir should be changeable at -install time* 2010-12-30 10:11Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
860CompiledObject: Both* 2011-01-03 17:34Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
889oasis: use paths found during ./configure* 2011-01-21 19:47Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
890oasis: check that findlib is working* 2011-01-21 19:49Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
891oasis: support cross-compilation* 2011-01-21 19:51Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
892oasis: provide optional build-dependencies* 2011-01-21 19:55Sylvain Le GallTörök Edwin
900Allow to keep generated files in setup-dev and fallback if oasis not present* 2011-01-31 09:26Sylvain Le GallSylvain Le Gall
939Allow to handle already solved OASISExpression in OASISTypes.package* 2011-03-31 10:42Sylvain Le GallSylvain Le Gall
972oasis query: exec name* 2011-05-09 22:52Sylvain Le GallChristophe Troestler
977Request different repositories for ocaml 3.11 and 3.12* 2011-05-27 01:36Sylvain Le GallEdgar Friendly
984OASIS DB should read _oasis in an uploaded tarball to guess its package name and version* 2011-06-03 03:51Sylvain Le GallJun FURUSE
985Submitted package should be modifiable by the uploaders* 2011-06-03 04:10Sylvain Le GallJun FURUSE
986CamlP4 syntax extension module* 2011-06-04 16:01Sylvain Le GallJun FURUSE
1000Support for using a generated syntax extension from within the same oasis build system* 2011-06-22 12:58Sylvain Le GallHezekiah Carty
1004Check setup.data at each run to see if environment has changed* 2011-06-29 09:09Sylvain Le GallSylvain Le Gall
1005Simplify "ocaml setup.ml -configure" ouput* 2011-06-29 17:11Sylvain Le GallGrégoire Henry
1009Need a way to add a package as "build depend" which does not appear in the generated META* 2011-07-11 10:12Sylvain Le GallPierre Chambart
1010Descriptions for external programs and libraries* 2011-07-11 15:56Sylvain Le GallHezekiah Carty
1087Test with all versions of ocaml since 3.10.2* 2012-01-18 00:24Sylvain Le GallSylvain Le Gall
1093Send emails for comments* 2012-02-05 10:09Sylvain Le GallChristophe Troestler
1112Document Type: ocamlbuild can't pass arguments to ocamldoc* 2012-03-09 21:31Sylvain Le GallDaniel Bünzli
1114oasis setup-clean does not behave as expected* 2012-03-13 12:49Sylvain Le GallGabriel Scherer
1121generating the doc without installing it* 2012-03-24 20:38Sylvain Le GallFlorent Monnier
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