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1662document: only the last library is included in the documentation* 2016-08-23 23:20Gerd StolpmannGerd Stolpmann0.4.8
1663Support for Eliom with source patterns* 2016-08-25 09:13Sylvain Le GallPetter Urkedal0.4.9
1666Cannot build lambda-term on Cygwin (Windows)* 2016-08-30 21:59NobodyMateusz C.None
690OASIS configure use setup.data* 2010-07-24 09:48Sylvain Le GallSylvain Le GallNone
1699Compiling a packed library with a custom mli fails to compile* 2016-10-25 17:44Sylvain Le GallSpiros Eliopoulos0.4.9
718--prefix & --destdir aren't honoured by *all* things that are installed* 2010-08-21 23:20Sylvain Le GallMagnus Therning0.4.9
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