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963Symbolic links for executables* 2011-05-05 11:41Sylvain Le GallChristophe Troestler
975Dependencies aren't tracker per repo in admin/odb page* 2011-05-24 15:39Sylvain Le GallEdgar Friendly
979oasis-db, public link is unclear * 2011-05-27 15:49Sylvain Le GallDaniel Bünzli
981'ocaml setup.ml -reinstall' should not remove '/usr/local/share/doc'* 2011-05-28 12:34Sylvain Le GallChristophe Troestler
990Problem with generated C headers* 2011-06-07 12:12Sylvain Le GallAlexis Bernadet
993Failure uploading tarball* 2011-06-09 18:29Sylvain Le GallEdgar Friendly
1008Compilation flags in ByteOpt and NativeOpt are not applied to .c files* 2011-07-10 20:40Sylvain Le GallHezekiah Carty
1011oasis-0.2.0-linux-installer.bin does not work on particular environment* 2011-07-13 16:41Sylvain Le GallRomain Slootmaekers
1021Installation of localization does not honor DESTDIR* 2011-07-31 23:25Sylvain Le GallAndrew Psaltis
1027oasis-0.2.0-linux-installer.bin crashes with segmentation fault* 2011-08-09 19:42Sylvain Le GallPhil Hagelberg
1044setup.ml in distribution files generated with old oasis* 2011-10-02 21:42Sylvain Le GallRoma Sokolov
1050Dependency on a library that is a syntax extension.* 2011-11-02 10:29Sylvain Le GallPhilippe Veber
1061 output a warning when 2 files separated by space exists whereas one file with space in it doesn't exist* 2011-11-23 22:43Sylvain Le GallTom Prince
1063Generated setup.ml has unused variables* 2011-11-24 09:49Sylvain Le GallDmitry Astapov
1077Bug in dependency calculations with flags* 2012-01-06 12:24Sylvain Le GallPhilippe Veber
1078The OCaml Bioinformatics Library* 2012-01-11 02:31Sylvain Le GallFrancois Berenger
1089Leading dot in library path value prevents compilation* 2012-01-27 15:34Sylvain Le GallPhilippe Veber
1091Qtest from oasis* 2012-02-02 17:27Sylvain Le GallEdgar Friendly
1111Static Document section* 2012-03-08 14:41Sylvain Le GallDaniel Bünzli
1115Provide a clear error message when `setup.ml` are not done in order (-configure missing)* 2012-03-13 13:08Sylvain Le GallGabriel Scherer
1116oasis documentation unclear: does Library sections handle ocamldoc? Does XCustomDoc exist?* 2012-03-13 14:59Sylvain Le GallGabriel Scherer
1125setup.ml -configure --prefix is sometimes ignored* 2012-03-25 00:12Sylvain Le GallFlorent Monnier
1128E: OASISFileTemplate.AlreadyExists("src/META") when building two libraries in the same dir* 2012-03-26 11:45Sylvain Le GallGoswin Brederlow, von
1143ocaml setup.ml -configure doesn't take into account a change in the version number* 2012-04-24 22:09Sylvain Le GallSylvain Le Gall
1157No zip.cmxa generated in the zip package* 2012-05-16 07:08Sylvain Le GallFrancois Berenger
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