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  4OCaml file inclusion: ocamlify194437   
  5Zarith: arbitrary-precision integers165504   
  7OCaml Data Notation86433   
  8Cryptokit: cryptographic primitives71716   
  10CamlZIP: handling zip and gzip files61180   
  11OCaml fileutils60523   
  13Batteries : Revised Standard Library39037   
  14Emacs OCaml Tuareg mode → Github36464   
  16OCaml EFL32437   
  17CSV → Github27762   
  20OCaml Uint21263   
  23Mesh → Github20036   
  28ANSITerminal → Github15172   
  29Cairo → Github15049   
  30CamlDBM: binding to NDBM/GDBM databases14927   
  35Delimited overloading12317   
  38OCaml-freetds → Github11697   
  41OCaml gettext10802   
  44ExtUnix - extended Unix module10053   
  45odepack → Github9559   
  46Benchmark → Github8838   
  51Native MySQL Protocol8138   
  52L-BFGS → Github8059   
  551D root finding → Github6930   
  57snappy compression6692   
  58Rope library → Github6655   
  59ocaml-sqlexpr: convenient DB access6520   
  65Boolean Expression Simplifier5698   
  66OCaml HTTP5545   
  68OCaml Markdown5448   
  691D optimization → Github5353   
  701D integration → Github5236   
  73gammu → Github4609   
  74exenum: exhaustive enumerations4515   
  82OCaml-ODBC → Github3608   
  83gperftools bindings3576   
  87Fury Puyo3399   
  88LZO data compression3305   
  90Concurrent Cell3202   
  92XDG basedir3116   
  94OCamlAgrep: string searching with errors2970   
  95Line Printer Deamon library → Github2728   
  98BitMasks Library2621