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  4OCaml file inclusion: ocamlify99135   
  5Zarith: arbitrary-precision integers94166   
  6OCaml Data Notation78406   
  7Cryptokit: cryptographic primitives48689   
  8CamlZIP: handling zip and gzip files44248   
  11OCaml fileutils34301   
  12Emacs OCaml Tuareg mode → Github32608   
  13Batteries : Revised Standard Library28882   
  17CSV → Github14931   
  25OCaml Uint9101   
  28Delimited overloading7878   
  29CamlDBM: binding to NDBM/GDBM databases7864   
  34ExtUnix - extended Unix module6921   
  35OCaml EFL6767   
  36ANSITerminal → Github6468   
  41Mesh → Github5176   
  43Cairo → Github4956   
  44OCaml gettext4649   
  47Native MySQL Protocol4242   
  51Benchmark → Github3744   
  54OCaml-freetds → Github3145   
  56snappy compression2912   
  57odepack → Github2893   
  58L-BFGS → Github2881   
  59Concurrent Cell2854   
  60OCaml HTTP2774   
  67Boolean Expression Simplifier2110   
  691D root finding → Github2027   
  71OCaml Markdown1929   
  721D optimization → Github1923   
  771D integration → Github1747   
  78gperftools bindings1710   
  83OCaml-ODBC → Github1609   
  85Fury Puyo1501   
  86LZO data compression1496   
  90gammu → Github1331   
  91ocaml-sqlexpr: convenient DB access1321   
  93CamlIDL: Caml/C interface generator1277   
  96Rope library → Github1158   
  97OCamlAgrep: string searching with errors1142   
  98exenum: exhaustive enumerations1119   
  99XDG basedir1112   
  100Line Printer Deamon library → Github1043