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  4OCaml file inclusion: ocamlify138614   
  5Zarith: arbitrary-precision integers135789   
  6OCaml Data Notation80594   
  8Cryptokit: cryptographic primitives56759   
  9CamlZIP: handling zip and gzip files55791   
  10OCaml fileutils45856   
  12Emacs OCaml Tuareg mode → Github33507   
  13Batteries : Revised Standard Library31503   
  15CSV → Github17968   
  23OCaml EFL12527   
  24OCaml Uint11695   
  27CamlDBM: binding to NDBM/GDBM databases10481   
  32Delimited overloading9073   
  34ANSITerminal → Github8614   
  35Mesh → Github8588   
  37ExtUnix - extended Unix module7750   
  39Cairo → Github7315   
  45OCaml gettext5959   
  48Native MySQL Protocol5196   
  49OCaml-freetds → Github5114   
  51Benchmark → Github4922   
  54odepack → Github4448   
  57L-BFGS → Github4131   
  58snappy compression3915   
  61OCaml HTTP3467   
  641D root finding → Github3177   
  66Boolean Expression Simplifier2987   
  67Concurrent Cell2982   
  69OCaml Markdown2747   
  701D optimization → Github2737   
  71ocaml-sqlexpr: convenient DB access2681   
  731D integration → Github2624   
  78gperftools bindings2168   
  79OCaml-ODBC → Github2158   
  82gammu → Github2079   
  87Fury Puyo1987   
  89ocsigen-bundler (deprecated)1956   
  90LZO data compression1951   
  92exenum: exhaustive enumerations1916   
  96OCamlAgrep: string searching with errors1586   
  97Rope library → Github1566   
  98XDG basedir1543   
  99Line Printer Deamon library → Github1454   
  100CamlIDL: Caml/C interface generator1432