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  2Cryptokit: cryptographic primitives28936   
  3Emacs OCaml Tuareg mode → Github28075   
  5OCaml Data Notation24860   
  8OCaml file inclusion: ocamlify21601   
  9Batteries : Revised Standard Library18302   
  10OCaml fileutils18276   
  14CamlZIP: handling zip and gzip files13256   
  15Zarith: arbitrary-precision integers13203   
  17CSV → Github9828   
  25Delimited overloading5752   
  29ExtUnix - extended Unix module4200   
  35CamlDBM: binding to NDBM/GDBM databases3552   
  38OCaml Uint3341   
  40Cairo → Github2749   
  41OCaml gettext2715   
  42Benchmark → Github2630   
  45Native MySQL Protocol2546   
  46OCaml EFL2403   
  51Concurrent Cell1867   
  56snappy compression1670   
  59OCaml-freetds → Github1483   
  62OCaml HTTP1322   
  691D root finding1042   
  701D optimization1024   
  71Boolean Expression Simplifier1021   
  72OCaml Markdown1014   
  73Fury Puyo977   
  76gperftools bindings921   
  841D integration830   
  86LZO data compression819   
  88CamlIDL: Caml/C interface generator814   
  89iRex Tools806   
  93gammu → Github716   
  95OCamlAgrep: string searching with errors703   
  96Rope library703   
  97OCaml-ODBC → Github679   
  100Koza's Style Genetic Programming609