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Rubik Pocket cube

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How to solve the 2 x 2 Rubik Pocket cube using the OCaml-Idaho library.

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81.02009-08-10 22:34Damien Guichard

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(* initialisation *) module Cube = PocketCube;; module CubeMap = UnbalancedMap.Mutable(Cube);; module CubeSolver = Search.Make(Cube)(CubeMap);; Random.self_init ();; (* scramble the cube using 60 random moves *) let scrambled,moves = Cube.scramble Cube.initial 60;; (* solve the scramble *) let sol = CubeSolver.bidirectionnal Cube.player Cube.zip scrambled [] Cube.initial [];; (* print one solution *) CubeMap.choose sol;;

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