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Link assembly files output by ocamlopt -S

GNU General Public License
Unix Shell
Describes the steps required to compile .s file as generated by the -S option to ocamlopt. This makes it possible to link an assembly file of ocaml code which has been edited by hand.

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130.12010-11-19 20:44Eric Schulte

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# note this is not a functional shell script, # but rather a description of a series of steps to be taken in the shell PROG=$1 # 1) first we generate the required .s and startup files ocamlopt -dstartup -S $PROG # 2) the next step is to find which flags are passed from ocamlopt to gcc ocamlopt -verbose $PROG # 3) edit your .s file by hand # 4) call gcc manually using the flags output in step 2 being sure to pass both the startup.s and $PROG.s files to gcc as additional parameters

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