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Snippet ID Title Creator
1Fisher-Yates ShuffleMartin Bishop
The Fisher-Yates shuffle (aka Knuth Shuffle) in OCaml.
2Genetic Minimal Sorting NetworkMatías Giovannini
A Genetic Algorithm to find Minimal Sorting Networks.
3Aperiodic TilingsMatías Giovannini
Program to generate aperiodic tilings given by rules encoded in modules.
6Sample OCaml MakefileMatías Giovannini
A sample Makefile for OCaml, showing how to handle automatic dependencies.
8Sine computationsMatías Giovannini
Compute the sine function using a Taylor series and a cubic iteration.
10Domain Name (DNS) ClientMatías Giovannini
A simple but complete RFC 1035 (Domain Name) client library, using monadic parsing combinators for protocol decoding.
7Rubik Pocket cubeDamien Guichard
How to solve the 2 x 2 Rubik Pocket cube using the OCaml-Idaho library.
9Simple TrieTill Crueger
A simple Trie, that includes functions for approximate matching. Functorized to allow a wide range of Data types.

License: CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic