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Please have also a look to Google instructions.

Before you apply

Consider the following caveats before you apply:

  • To apply for this GSoC, we require that you create an account on the OCaml Forge with all the fields filled (address, phone,...). This account will enable you to modify a draft proposal or create a new one on GSoC2011/Applying. Your project will also need to be hosted on the forge and you will use this to post news about your project (they will appear on OCaml Planet.
  • Google Summer-of-Code projects are a full (day-) time job. This means we expect at least 36 hours per week on your project, during the three months of coding. Obviously we have flexibility, but if your schedule (exams, courses) does not give you this amount of spare time, then maybe you should not apply.
  • Getting paid by Google requires that you meet certain milestones. First, you must be in good standing with the community before the official start of the program. We suggest you post some design emails to the main mailing list, and get feedback on them, both before applying, and during the "community bonding period" between acceptance and official start. Also, you must have made progress and committed significant code before the mid-term point.


  • What is the goal of the project you propose to do?
  • In what ways will this project benefit the wider OCaml community?
  • Can you give some more detailed design of what precisely you intend to achieve?
  • What deliverables do you think are reasonable targets? Can you outline an approximate schedule of milestones?
  • What relevant experience do you have? e.g. Have you coded anything in OCaml? Have you contributed to any other open source software? Been studying advanced courses in a related topic?
  • In what ways do you envisage interacting with the wider OCaml community during your project? e.g. How would you seek help on something your mentor wasn't able to deal with? How will you get others interested in what you are doing?
  • Why do you think you would be the best person to tackle this project?