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Batteries 2.4 released

Gabriel Scherer - 2016-02-11 16:42 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

See the announce and detailed changelog at

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Batteries 2.2 released

Gabriel Scherer - 2014-01-21 16:34 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

For more details, see the mailing-list announcement:

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Batteries updates

Edgar Friendly - 2012-06-06 22:24 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Version 1.4.3 of batteries is just released, the third in a series of small-fix releases going on in the 1.4 branch while 2.0 gets ready. This release fixes the documentation, removing information about some previously available functionality and adding the `ocamlfind batteries/ocaml` wrapper for the toplevel with batteries included.

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Batteries moving to 2.0

Edgar Friendly - 2011-12-10 09:18 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Batteries is edging closer to making a 2.0 release, where we finally clean up some of the cruft that was included in 1.x releases. If you have any cruft that's bothering you, now's the time to let us know at https://github.com/ocaml-batteries-team/batteries-included/issues or on the mailing list batteries-devel@lists.forge.ocamlcore.org We're also finally going to use 3.12 features in batteries, so if this has held you back from contributing, show us your code.

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Batteries 1.4.0 released

Edgar Friendly - 2011-07-07 07:10 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Almost 250 commits to git since 1.3.0, we have a new batteries release. In addition to the usual slew of bug fixes, tests and documentation and performance improvements, we've added:

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How newcomers can easily contribute to the OCaml Batteries

Edgar Friendly - 2011-05-10 16:14 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Batteries is a community effort to build a base library for the OCaml

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Batteries 1.3.0 released

Edgar Friendly - 2011-02-04 15:53 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

Finally, a new release of batteries, with support for OCaml 3.12, a new testing infrastructure with tests auto-extracted from source and using QuickCheck for property verification, new useful functions and modules, documentation improvements and lots of bug fixes.

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Batteries Included 1.2.0 Released

Edgar Friendly - 2010-06-06 07:42 - Batteries : Revised Standard Library

This release will be available through GODI, as our build system has changed back to a much simpler ocamlbuild/makefile-based system. Once Camomile resolves its problems with loading its data files, this version of batteries will support setting an environment variable to choose what camomile files to load. And of course the usual set of bugfixes and improvements.

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Batteries Included 1.1.0 released

  2010-03-05 16:37

Batteries Included 1.0.1 released

  2010-02-01 16:34

Batteries Included 1.0.0

  2010-01-16 16:45

Public release of AAA-batteries

  2009-12-22 16:44

Batteries beta 1 released

  2009-04-06 16:03

Batteries alpha 3 released

  2009-02-06 17:49

Batteries alpha 2 released

  2008-11-11 09:13

Batteries homepage

  2008-11-09 13:07

Batteries Included moved to Git

  2008-11-06 14:11

Batteries Included v0 available

  2008-08-29 16:51

Improved Enum pre-release

  2008-05-13 22:41

Lazy Lists pre-release

  2008-05-10 13:14