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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.2

Change Log

- Added summary statistics, see 'Sample.Summary' module. Thanks to Nicholas
- Added MLE for distributions which have a closed-form MLE. Thanks to Nicholas
  Lucaroni, once again! For distributions, which don't have a closed-form
  solution, we currently provide method of moments estimates. Exceptions are:
  'Cauchy' and 'Hypergeomteric' distributions.
- Added Pearson product-moment correlation and autocorrelation and Spearman
  rank correlation.
- Added Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for goodness of fit and two-sample test.
- Added function, which adjusts P-values for multiple comparisons. Currently,
  two procedures are supported: Benjamini-Hochberg, which controls for FDR and
  Holm-Bonferroni, which controls for FWER.
- Abstracted RV type into '*Distribution.elt'.
- Added GSL wrappers for computing sample skewness and kurtosis.
- Added more distribution features: skewness and kurtosis, see
  'Distributions.Features' signature.
- Added 'LogNormal', 'Bernoulli', 'Logistic' and 'Categorical' distributions.
- Added a basic test suite against R and SciPy, thanks to Francois Berenger
  for the reminder.