OCaml Forge

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.2

Change Log

  * ocaml 4.00 compatibility
  * prevent findlib from being initialized twice
  * better highlighting of errors
  * automatically insert Lwt_main.run for
    toplevel expressions of type 'a Lwt.t
  * better camlp4 support
    ** parse quotations and antiquotations to
       handle completion inside them
    ** better support revised syntax
  * emacs mode improvements
    ** various fixes
    ** highlight errors
    ** add a menu
    ** add interactive list of findlib packages
    ** packages can be pre-loaded via the file variable
    ** better tuareg integration
    ** typerex integration
    ** allow to complete using the toplevel environment
       in a tuareg buffer
    ** allow to change the utop command
    ** use the same history as the terminal mode
    ** follow output of ocaml