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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alpha-0.4

Release Notes

 Major changes in the nodes threading to allow processing
	   of "nasty" grammars like

	   a = a 'a' | b
	   b = b 'b' | a | c
	   c = c 'c' | b | d

	   A new option has been added to 'demo.ml' to choose a
	   different starting symbol to test the above case.

	   The 'successors' field is now only used for stacking
	   parsed nodes, the 'hook' field holding future parsing
	   candidates in all cases (not just for recursive rules)

	   Productions in a given rule are categorized as:

	   - mutual recursive
	   - non recursive
	   - directly left recursive

	   They are tried in the ABOVE ORDER, this is a major change 
	   from alpha release 0.3 which however does not impact the 
	   semantic of the demo which is unchanged.