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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.3.0~rc3

Release Notes

* Embeds checks for _oasis in standard setup.ml and get rid of setup-dev mode.
  This patch moves the setup-dev into setup subcommand. We only need to update setup.ml if something has changed into the _oasis file. This logic is now in BaseSetup and it allows to commit setup.ml into the VCS and have a weak dependency on 'oasis'. It will only be needed if something changed in _oasis. We hope this change will make oasis enabled packages easier to use with direct checkout of VCS.
* Build and install cmxs files only when natdynlink is available (based on an earlier one by Pierre Chambart).

* Use a special file_exists function that take into account case on case insensitive filesystem.

* Rename C stubs library from libXYZ to libXYZ_stubs to avoid confusion with real C libraries.

* Get rid of include in _tags.

* Further fixes for the Pack field.