OCaml Forge

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1

Change Log

  * add completion on labels
  * add completion on methods
  * smarter completion on record fields
  * fix a bug in the lexer
  * improvement for the emacs mode:
    ** now pressing Tab really complete input
    ** when sending input from a tuareg buffer, the cursor follow the
       end of buffer in all utop windows
    ** fix usage of threads
  * add help
  * add manual pages
  * show more information in the prompt:
    ** show the current value of the macro counter
    ** show the nnumber of key pressed since the beginning of a macro
       when recording a macro
    ** show intermediate key sequence
  * better support for light colors terminals
  * add colors for module name and directives
  * add UTop.smart_accept to send only lines terminating with a ";;" token
  * search for compiler libraries at configure time
  * add a script to install compiler libraries
  * fix compatibility with ocaml 3.13