OCaml Forge

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.2

Release Notes

The 0.2 version can hopefully show what I am trying to achieve.

Installation from sources is successfully tested on pure Debian.

Most important issues:

* works slowly (because too many redundant actions are performed)

* only the "static" functionality is tested (the "incremental" aspect may currently not work)

* slow server startup
   Practical workaround: launch server separately. Go to separate console and run:
   mleternal -ts

* slow execution of first requests (because of slow recipe search)
   It can take many seconds before the first product is obtained.

* file moves and removals are basically not supported at the moment
    Correct linking after such operations may requre server restart.

* it may crash when dealing with quickly disappearing files
    Temporary files created by editors (e.g. gedit) can cause some operations to fail.
    Such failures are currently not handled properly.

* some unfinished features are not properly hidden:
  --guess-targets is basically wrong
  --remove-tree may do weird things
  --makefile results in files that require manual intervention and may currently not work

* some inotify events are not recognized and cause crash