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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.2.0

Release Notes

  * Split the project into 3 libraries and one executable:
    * oasis: the core library
    * oasis.base: the runtime library
    * oasis.builtin-plugins: various plugins (ocamlbuild, internal, none, custom)
    * the executable 'oasis' in lowercase which was 'OASIS' before 
      (Closes: #769)

  * Publish .mli and improve ocamldoc generated documentation (Closes: #667)

  * oasis library:
    * Ignore plugins even when parsing field
    * Allow to redirect messages through a function and use a context to avoid
      global variables. This is an OASIS-DB website requirement, but we fallback 
      to a global variable in oasis.base
    * Use the same policy as Debian for version comparison (copied from dpkg) 
      (Closes: #584)
    * Add MIT, CeCILL licenses and make unknown license less fatal 
      (Closes: #710, #557)
    * Allow https, ftp, mailto, svn, svn+ssh for URL (Closes: #753)
    * Replace Str by Pcre
    * Don't modify package data structure through plugins, we just issue warnings
      and error when something is missing. This is compensated by a better
      'quickstart' that can automatically complete required fields (e.g. it adds 
      'ocamlbuild' as a BuildDependency for 'ocamlbuild' plugin).
      (Closes: #552, #566)
    * Set default for test type to 'custom' plugin (Closes: #562)
    * Use a more simple lexer for _oasis (Closes: #579)
    * Warn if the use of '\t' to indent lines is inconsistent in an _oasis file
      (e.g. mix of ' ' and '\t')
    * Allow to use 'flag' as environment variables in _oasis (e.g. flag test can be used as 
      Command: echo $test) (Closes: #619)
    * ADVANCED USERS: Create a new scheme to synchronize data between the
      property list used to parse and print an _oasis file and the data structure
      representing it. This is a first step to avoid carrying property lists
      inside the data structure.  It should also allow to dump plugin data
      directly inside the data structure rather than having to do it "by hand".
      This allows to have a more complete quickstart support also (i.e. handling
      plugins directly). It also allows to manipulate the datastructures in a
      single place: with the scheme before you have to update the property list
      and the rest of the datastructure. (Closes: #705, #733)

  * oasis.base library:
    * Exit with an error code when tests fail
    * Don't account skipped test (Closes: #624)
    * Delegate the "setup-dev" actions to the executable 'oasis' rather than
      embedding it into setup.ml
    * Add a '-version' to setup.ml to know what version has generated the file 
      (Closes: #692)
    * Add a '-all' target that does "-configure", "-build", "-doc" and "-test"
      in one run (Closes: #551)
    * Add a '-reinstall' target that 'uninstall' and 'install' (Closes: #568)
    * Use the right command to delete file on Windows

  * executable 'oasis':
    * Use a subcommand scheme, like subversion. For example, it replaces the
      former "OASIS -setup" by "oasis setup". Each subcommand can be a small
    * Add a "query" subcommand to extract data of _oasis from command line 
      (Closes: #691)
    * Add a "setup-clean" subcommand that removes generated files and helps
      cleaning OASIS_START/STOP section of their content 
      (Closes: #564, #623, #563)
    * Add a "check" subcommend that checks _oasis files  
    * Greatly improve the "quickstart" subcommand:
      * Take into account plugins in quickstart
      * Allow to have multiple choices for field Plugins in quickstart mode
      * Don't display help text at each question (Closes: #586)
      * Allow to create a doc (Closes: #633)
      * Allow to run a pager, editor or "oasis setup-dev" at the end 
        (Closes: #580, #582)
      * Don't accept '?' as an answer in quickstart (Closes: #587)
      * Add examples and all available licenses in the help of License field 
        (Closes: #559)
    * Keep generated files when 'oasis setup-dev' is called (Closes: #743)

  * Plugin "ocamlbuild":
    * Handle "Path: ." in generated _tags correctly (Closes: #570, #588)
    * Quick fix to handle .h files directly in CSources field
    * Include .mli in _tags (Closes: #572)
    * Pass -cclib and -dllpath options to ocamlmklib  (Closes: #629)
    * Don't pass -dlllib and -dllpath options to ocamlopt (Closes: #628)

  * Plugin "internal":
    * Create parent directories when installing with InternalInstall (Closes: #555)
    * Don't install data when section is not built (Closes: #554, #556)

  * Plugin "META":
    * Add an exists_if field to generated META file (Closes: #694)