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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.1.0

Change Log

- Add a ~pp_diff parameter to assert_equal and some classic diff operations (Closes: #635, #642) - Add an assert_command function (Closes: #641) - Add a bracket_tmpfile to ease temporary file use - Enhance documentation, translate the docbook manual into ocamldoc and add content - Allow to add extra command line arguments to run_test_tt_main (Closes: #640) - Add a -list-test options to run_test_tt_main, to list available tests - Skip tests when using "-only-test", rather than removing it. This way the path is the same even if some tests don't pass (Closes: #637) - Add backtrace support (Closes: #639), thanks to Michael Ekstrand - Use OASIS - Move to OCaml Forge: http://ounit.forge.ocamlcore.org - Maintainance is now done by Sylvain Le Gall (OCamlCore SARL), thanks to Maas-Maarten Zeeman for all his work