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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.4

Change Log

- Added many examples
- Option -verbose is now --verbose or -v
- Options --print-lemmas and -l added: prints the lemmas
- Option --verbose is now much more verbose (nb of applications of rules, nb of lemmas, ...)
- Fixed a bug in the parser: definition applications cannot (should not) introduce captures anymore
- Fixed a small bug that may occur when you give a constraint that does not "follow" the bounds of
  iterations (e.g. /\i=3..n ...  | n>=0)
- Manual now contains the formal grammar and a table of examples
- License change to CECILL-B (BSD-like licence) in order to be compatible with
  French law (should have been done before :-S). Contact me in case that's a problem.