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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.8.0

Release Notes

Mlpost 0.8 is finally out!

You can get it at http://mlpost.lri.fr/ or at the ocamlforge. Notable changes
are a few new modules, such as Tree_adv which delivers more powerful placement
of trees, using overlays, or Real_plot, a nice alternative to Plot for
float-valued functions.

There also is a new system of contributions (contribs), and two contribs for
the moment. The first, Mlpost_lablgtk, allows to easily include Mlpost figures
into a GTK interface. The other one, Mlpost_dot, draws graphs using a
placement as given by the dot(graphviz) tool.

The Cairo backend is considered stable now and delivers mostly identical
results as the Metapost backend. It supports PS, PDF , PNG and SVG

A few minor bugs have been fixed, thanks to Julien Signoles, St├ęphane Glondu
and others.

Finally, there are 4 incompatible changes, hopefully they do only affect a few

See the CHANGES file for more details.

Have fun and do not hesitate to submit bug reports, either by mail to the
developers, or via the bug tracking system on the forge.

If you want to follow the Mlpost development more closely, we are now using
a public git repository at the INRIA forge:

git clone git://scm.gforge.inria.fr/mlpost/mlpost.git

The Mlpost developers

Change Log

* ocaml >= 3.10.1 is required now
* externalimage work only with png image
* module Color: the definitions of the following colors have changed:
  lightblue, green, lightgreen, orange, lightcyan, purple, lightyellow
  These colors are now compatible to HTML/CSS and X11 definitions
* Box: Box.tabularl did modify the input boxes, now it leaves them unchanged
  (reported by Julien Signoles)
o contrib Mlpost_lablgtk : define a gtk widget to display mlpost figures
  It also allow to easily create an interface to interact with an mlpost figures
o contrib Mlpost_dot : Use graphviz (dot) to place picture, box, ...
    make contrib && make install-contrib
    mlpost -contrib dot [...]
o module Real_plot: Plot function from float to float. It can use logarithmic
o module Color: new function hsv to create a color from hsv colorspace and
  color_gen to generate different colors using hsv colorspace
o concrete computations are now available without the Cairo library
o option -ps with -cairo
o adding Concrete.baseline
o Num: new units em, ex
o Bugfix: "make install" with ocamlfind (reported by Julien Signoles)
o Bugfix: Concrete does not complain about being unsupported for the following
  functions: set_verbosity; set_prelude, set_prelude2, set_t1disasm
o Bugfix: Don't use "tracingchoices"
o Bugfix #411: correct definition of objects used in Path.subpath
o metapost errors are printed (this should rarely occur)
o each call of mpost are done in separate and temporary directories