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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.7

Release Notes

We are proud to release Version 0.7 of mlpost. It contains lots of new features, 
small changes and bugfixes and a new backend, based on Cairo. See the details in the Changelog.

Change Log

version 0.7, July 23rd, 2009
* add Point.draw and Path.draw (alias of (Command.draw) which can mask 
  Command.draw in case of an open Point after an open Command
* Command.draw_arrow becomes Arrow.simple
* Arrow.draw: ~pos becomes ~anchor, new ~pos is point on path
* Arrow.draw: now gives the same result by default as Arrow.simple (former
* Arrow.draw2 becomes Arrow.point_to_point
* Mlpost tool: -pdf now the default; use -ps to produce .1 files
* Mlpost tool: erases all generated intermediate files on success
o New experimental backend using Cairo; it permits output in PS, PDF, SVG and
  X11; use it with commandline option -cairo. It is intended to deliver the
  same results as the old metapost backend. Please send a bug report if it is
  not the case
o A module Concrete which permits to compute concrete values of mlpost
  objects, e.g. the float value corresponding to an object of type Num.t , 
  the concrete point { x : float; y : float } corresponding to a Point.t, and
  so on
o A better tree drawing algorithm (module Tree)
o new function Tree.nodel to add labels to tree edges
o "Smart" paths to construct a path by giving only a sequence of directions
  (module Path)
o Histograms and Radar diagrams (modules Hist and Radar)
o The type Picture.t now is equal to the type Command.t 
  (no more conversion needed)
o module Box: each box has a name by default; use Box.sub to retrieve a box
  with the same name inside another
o New optional argument sep of Path.strip to strip both ends of a path; used
  in Tree, Box.cpath, and Helpers
o New position constructors `North, `South, `Upperleft to improve upon `Top, `Bot
  etc, but the old variants are still there